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Captain Cannon: Transcription of the Iris Logbook - Part 3

Friday September 28th 1798:

Fresh Breezes and Clear W. Undor Stearingsails &c. Middle and Latter part Part Ditto. Weather: People Employed Spinning Spun yarn Knotting Yarns &c:-- Carpindor Coalking [calking] Main Deck   Broatched one PW Water[1] No. 16 & 25 remains: 180 yams and 8488 remains. 2 ½ rice:- 8 Crues Bains & 409 remains     This Day No. Obs. 00..00

Dist. 173         Course   N.65W.         Diff. Lat. 73                Dep. 157
Lat. in 2..9S.   Long. in 25..27            Diff. Long. 157           Mer. Dist. 2.152.

Sathurday [September] 29th 1798:

Pleasent Breezes and Clear undor all Small Sails: Leed full:--- All this 24 Hours a Heavy Swell from the S.E.rd. Middle Part Ditto. Weather Latter Squally with rain. Expended 160 yams and 8328 remains:---8 Crues Bains and 401 remains 2 ½ rice:---The Slaves in the …heft. Spirrits Gave them…ty of Provg…This Day Sun Obscure:--

Dist. 200         Course   N.67W.         Diff. Lat. 78                Dep. 184
Lat. in 00..51So.   Long. in 184          Diff. Long. 28..21       Mer. Dist. 2.3.36

Sunday [September] 30th. 1798:

Fresh Breezes and Clear weather undor Stearingsails &c Needfull:--- This Day Sheved all the Slaves fore and aft:-- At 2 A.M. a Sail in Sight. Under Easey Sail Standing to the Southward:--- Got all Clear for Ackchion  Middle and Latter part Ditto. weather and Cloudy:--  Expended 160 yams and 8168 remains 8 Crues Bains and 402 remains 2 ½ rice:--  Lattd. Obsd. 00..00 Line 1

Dist. 179         Course   N73W.          Diff. Lat. 51                Dep. 171
Lat. in              Long. in 31..12            Diff. Long                   Mer. Dist. 2.5.07.W

Monday October 1st. [179]8:

Gentle Breezes and Clear All Necessary Sails Sett to the Best advantage:--  Middle and Latter Part of this Day Ditto. weather:-- The Slaves in Hig[h] Spirits and Semingly verry agreeable:---Expended 160 yams and 8008 remains:--- 8 Crues Bains and 394 remains 1 ½ rice.  Lattd. Observed: 1..58 No.

Dist. 171         Course   N.46W.         Diff Lat. 118               Dep. 123
Lat. in.             Long. in. 33..15           Diff. Long.                  Mer. Dist. 2630   

Tuesday October 2d. 1798:

Light Breezes and Cloudy weather All Necessary Sails Sett to the Best advantage. Middle part Squally with rain; Latter fair; 2 Slaves very thin and complaining. Tok in and Made Sail acationly [occasionally]:---  Expended 162 yams and 7846 remains 8 Crues Bains and 386 remains 1 ½ rice:--  Giving the thin Slaves a Middle Mess Every Day and Liquri when Cold or rainey Weather:-   Lattd. Obsd. 3..28 North:-

Dist. 124         Course   N.43W          Diff. Lat. 90                Dep. 85
Lat. in              Long. in 34..40            Diff Long.                   Mer. Dist. 2715W.

Wedinsday [October] 3d [1798]:

First Part Light Breezes and Cloudy: People Employed In Sundrys about the riggon Painting the yawell &c:-- Middle and Latter part Hevey rain and Squally:-- took in and Sett Sail as Needfull:--- Expended 160 yams and 7686 remains 2 ½ rice and 86 Bains 378 remains:---  5 Slaves complaining:---    Distd. Per Loog 116      Lattd. Obsd. 4..43. No.

Dist. 116         Course   N.42W.         Diff. Lat. 86                Dep. 78
Lat. in.             Long. in. 3558No.       Diff. Long.                  Mer. Dist. 2793

Thurdsday October 4[th 1798]:

Variable Light Breezes with Showers of rain All Necessary Sails Sett:--- People Employed Cleaning and Paying the Bens:--  At Midnight Squally with thundor and Lightning took in Sail acationly  At 6 A.M. Sett Stearing Sails and Small Sails:-- Latter Part Light Breeze and Clear weather:--  Expended 175 yams & 7511 remains 8 Crues Bains 370 remains 2 ½ rice:   Lattd. Obsd. 5..54 No.

Dist. 90           Course   N.39W.         Diff. Lat. 71                Dep. 55
Lat. in              Long. in 36.33             Diff. Long.                  Mer. Dist. 28.48.

Friday October 5th [1798]:

Light Eairs and Clear Weather Enclining to Calm:----- People Employed Screping and Cleain the Bens Saim time Cotn Ditto.   At 8 A.M. H.d Ship as Per Loog    At 10 Ditto. Hd. To the NWd. – Latter Part of this Day Squally with rain:--- Expended 190 yams and 7321 remains 8 Crues Bain and 362 remains 2 ½ rice:---     This Day No Observation

Dist. 24           Course   N41W.          Diff. Lat. 18..              Dep. 16
Lat. in 6..12     Long. in. 37..9             Diff. Long.                  Mer. Dist. 2868.

Sathurday [October] 6th. [1798]:

Light Eairs and Cloudy:-- wind variable:---  Middle Part Squally with Showers of rain:--- Burried one famail [female] Slave of a favour:--  Expended 280 yams and 7121 remains:--  8 Crues of Bains and 354 remains 2 ½ rice:---  Latter Part verry unsettled weather:---   Lattd. Obsd. 6..47 North

Dist. 50           Course   N.45W.         Diff. Lat. 35                Dep. 35
Lat. in              Long. in 37..44            Diff. Long                   Mer. Dist. 2903

Sunday Octobor 7th 1797:

Light Eairs and Clear Weather All Necessary Sails Sett to the Best Advangate:--- Expended 190 yams and 6921 remains 8 Clues Bains and 346 remains ½ ½ rice--   Middle Part Light Ears Enclining to calm:--- Latter Part variable with Light Squalls a Numbor of Slaves complaining…     53 Miles Dist     This Day No Observation

Dist. 45           Course   N.58W.         Diff. Lat. 24                Dep. 38
Lat. in 24         Long. in. 38..8             Diff. Long.                  Mer. Dist. 2927

Monday October 8th. [1798]:

First Part Light Eairs and Clear: At 6 A.M. Squally with Heavey rain Catched one Butt. Rain wator:--  Several Slaves Complaining of the gripes Acationed [occasioned] By the weather:---   Expended 200 yams & 6721 remains 8 Crues Bains and 338 remains 2 1/2 rice   Lattd. Observed 7..41 No.

Dist 54            Course   N.56              Diff. Lat. 30                Dep. 45
Lat. in              Long. in 38..53            Diff. Long.                  Mer. Dist. 2972

[Tuesday October 9th 1798]:

Moderate Breezes and Squally with Showers of rain:-- At 11 P.M. In top Gall[ant] Sail Gibb and Main top Mast Stearings Single reeft [reefed] the Mizzen topsail.  Expended 200 yams & 652… remains 8 Crues Bains and 330 remains: 1 ½ rice: -- Broatched Tirce B.B.G. Middle and Latter Part Squally with rain and Lightning: Slaves in Good Sperrits and the Before Mencheoned a Deal Better Giving them Liquor and Mid. Mess Every Day  Distd. 157 Miles        Obs. In 9..1

Dist. 157         Course   N.53W.         Diff. Lat. 95                Dep. 126
Lat. in              Long. in. 126               Diff. Long. 40..59       Mer. Dist. 3098.

Wdinsday October 10th. [1798]:

First Part Stiff Breezes and Cloudy:-- Middle and Latter Part Light Ears & variable: unbent the Mizzen topsail and Bent the Best one:--  9 Slaves complaining Acationed By the weather:--   Payed all atenson [attention] to Keep there feet Dray [dry]  Expended 192 yams & 6429 remains 8 of Bains & 322 remains 2 ½ rice   Distd. 99 Miles      Obsd. In 10..46

Dist. 104         Course   No.30W.       Diff. Lat. 90                Dep. 52
Lat. in 10..46      Long. in 41..51         Diff. Long                   Mer. Dist. 3150

Thurdsday Octobor 11th. 1798:

Light Eairs and Clear weather   Expended 169 yams and 6257 remains 8 Crues Bains and 314 remains 2 ½ rice Burried one Male Slave:-- Middle Part Ditto. weather Latter a Gentle Breeze from the Northward:--  People Employed Spinning Spunyarn Getting the Pinniee repaired and Painting Ditto. --- Observed 2 of the Slaves having Sore Eyes:---   Dist 58 Miles            Lattd. Obsd. 10..37 North

Dist. 45           Course   S.71W.          Diff. Lat. 9S.               Dep. 44W.
Lat. in              Long. in.                      Diff. Long. 42..35       Mer. Dist. 3194

Friday Octobor 12th. 179[8]:

Pleasent Breezes and Clear weather:---  All Necessary Sails Sett Needfull   At Midnight in Stearingsails and Staysails… Aperingly to bee a Strong Corrent; and Heavey Swe[ll] from the Northward   This Day found Some of the Slaves complaining of Sore Eyes and 2 with Sore Mouths and Tr’o ales:-- Expended 188 yams 8 of Bains & 2 ½ rice   Lattd. Obsd. 11..30 No.

Dist. 163         Course   N.71W.         Diff. Lat. 53                Dep. 154
Lat. in              Long. in 45..10            Diff. Long. 155           Mer. Dist. 3348

Sathurday [October 13th 1798]:

Begins Pleasent Breeze and Clear weather undor Stearing sails &c--- Middle and Latter Part Ditto. weather:  People employed Serving the Startor Cable and Bending Ditto:--- Expended 200 yams and 5877 remains 8 Crues Bains 298 remains 2 ½ rice:--   5 Slaves complaining one Various Ills: Four complaining of the Eyeis         Lattd. Obsd. 12..01 No.

Dist. 144         Course   N78W.          Diff. Lat. N.31W.       Dep. 140
Lat. in 12..01      Long. in. 47..33        Diff. Long. 143           Mer. Dist. 3448

Sunday Octobor 14th. [1798]:

First Part Light Breeze and Clear all Necessary Sails Sett:--- At 8 Squally In all Small Sails:--- At ½ Past 5 A.M. Sett Ditto.  Latter Part Pleasent Breezes and Clear w:-- People Employed Painting the Sides:-- one Slave Daingrous [dangerously] Ill:-- Expended 180 yams and 5697 remains 8 of Bains and 290 remains 2 ½ rice   136 Distd.      Lattd. Obsd  11..39 No.

Dist. 136         Course   S.81W.          Diff. Lat. 22                Dep. 134
Lat. in              Long. in 49..50            Diff. Long. 137           Mer. Dist. 3582

Monday Octb 15 [1798]:

Pleasent Breezes and Clear all Small Sails Sett to the Best Advantage:--- Middle Part fresh Breeze and Clear weather:--- Expended 180 yams 5517 remains 8 of Bains and 282 remains 2 Crues ½ rice:--- The Slaves Having the Sore Eyes Something Better one Slave Deaingrous [dangerously] Ill   Lattd. Obsd. D.M. 11..11 No.

Dist. 182         Course   S81W.           Diff Lat. 28                 Dep. 180
Lat. in.             Long. in. 52..54           Diff. Long. 184           Mer. Dist. 3762   

[Tuesday] Octobor 16th. [1798]:

Strong Breezes and Cloudy W. Expended 165 yams and 5352 remains 8 Crues Bains and 274 remains 2 ½ rice:--   At 5 P.M. In Stearingsails and Single reeft Mzi topsails Sett Stearing sails again:-- At 10 P.M. In Stearing Sails fore and aft:---  At Midnight hove too Head to the NWrd.:---  At ½ Past 2 A.M. wore to the S Eward: Blowing fresh Breeze:---- At ½ Past 5 A.M. Bore away as P. Loog and Made Sail   Slight Obsd. in 11..38

Dist. 171         Course   N.81W.         Diff. Lat. 27                Dep. 169
Lat. in              Long. in 55..46            Diff Long. 172            Mer. Dist. 3931

Wedinsday [Octobor] 17th. [1798]:

First of this 24 Hours Steaddy Breese and Cloudy:--- Middle Part fresh Gails & constant rain:--- At 7 P.M. furled the Mainsail took in Stearingsails  At 8 Hove too Head to the S. At Midnight wore Ship to the Northward:--- At 5 A.M. Bore away as per Loog:--- At ½ Past 7 A.M. Hove too Beeing verry thick with constant rain:--- At ½ Past 9 Bore away Expended 180 yams 5172 remains 8 Crues Bains 266 remains:--      This Day No. Observation

Dist. 94           Course   S.81W.          Diff Lat. 15                 Dep. 93
Lat. in. 11..24     Long. in. 57..21        Diff. Long. 95             Mer. Dist. 4024

Thurdsday Octobor 18th. [1798]:

First Part moderate Breeze and Cloudy weather:--- At 2 P.M. S. top Gallan Stearing sails &c---  At 10 PM. In T. Gallan and Main top Mast Stearing sails:--- At 1 A.M. Hove too Head to the Soward [southward]:--- Expended 163 yams and 5009 remains. 8 of Bains and 258 remains 2 ½ rice Giving them ammiddle mess Bread Every Day    Lattd. Obsd. 11..52 North

Dist. 104         Course   N.74W.         Diff. Lat. 28                Dep. 100
Lat. in 11..52     Long. in 59-3            Diff Long. 102            Mer. Dist. 41..24

Friday [October] 19th. [1798]:

Pleasent Breezes and Cloudy undor T. Mast Stearingsail and T. Gallan Ditto.:--- Expended 170 yams and 4839 remains 8 Crues of Bains and 250 remains:---  2 1/2 rice Eatch [each] Day:--  Middle and Latter Part Ditto. weather:---  At 6 P.M. in Stearingsails Breeze freshning;--- At 6 A.M. Sett Stearing sails fore and aft:--- one Slave Deaingrous Ill Severall others Complaining   Lattd. Obsd. 11.. 49 No.

Dist. 150         Course   S.89W.          Diff Lat. 13                 Dep. 150
Lat. in.             Long. in. 61..37           Diff. Long. 154

[1] Hugh Crow referred to the stowed water on board as being in “water casks”. (Crow Memoirs, p. 7)

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