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Captain Cannon: Transcription of the Iris Logbook - Part 7

Thurdsday [Augost]  22nd. 1799]:

First Part of this 24 Hours: Lig. Breezes and Cloudy w: --    At 3 A.M. Sett Steringsail    At 6 Ditto. took in Ditto.  Middle and Latter Part Squally with rain took in  Sail acordingly:-- Sun Obscure:--

Dist. 78           Course   S35E.            Diff. Lat. 64                Dep. 45
Lat. in 11..18   Long. in. 25..49           Diff. Long. 46

Friday Augost  2[3, 17]99:

Throught this 24 Hours Squally with rain:--  At 10 P.M. Handed the top Gallansails:--   At 11 Sett Ditto.—   People Employed Doing Sundry Gobbs about the rigging:--  This Day Sun Obscure

Dist. 80           Course   S.37E.           Diff. Lat. 64                Dep. 48
Lat. in 10..14   Long. in 25..00            Diff. Long. 49

Sathurday Augost  24th. [179]9:

Light Breezes and Varia[ble] with Showers of rain:--  Middle and Latter Ditto. weather People Empl[oyed] Cleaning the Ship Fore and aft.    This Day the Sun Obsc.

Dist. 68           Course   S.32E.           Diff. Lat. 58                Dep. 36
Lat. in. 9..16    Long. in. 24..23           Diff. Long. 37

Sunday [Augost  25]  1799:

This 24 Hours Moderate Breezes and Showers of [rain]   All Necessary Sails Sett to the Best Advantage   Lattd. Obsd. 7..53 No.

Dist. 107         Course   S.39E.           Diff. Lat. 83                Dep. 67
Lat. in              Long. in 23..15            Diff. Long 68

Monday [Augost]  26 1799:

Trought out all this 24 Hours Cloudy with Squalls and ra[in]   People Employed variously.    Lattd. Obsd. 7..18 No.

Dist. 85           Course   S.66E.           Diff. Lat. 35                Dep. 78
Lat. in              Long. in. 21..56           Diff. Long. 79

Tuesday Augost  27[,1799]:

Steaddy Breezes and Clear all Necessary Sails Sett---   Middle and Latter Ditto. W.    Distd. 104 Miles      Lattd. Obsd. 6..40 No.

Dist. 104         Course   S.69E.           Diff. Lat. 38    Dep. 97
Lat. in              Long. in 20..18            Diff. Long. 98

Wedinsday Augost  28th. [1799]:

Steaddy Breezes and Cloudy all this 24 Hours:--   At 2 A.M. took in the Mizzen T. Gallansail and Middle Staysail:--   Broatched one Pkt. [packet] Wator No. 10 and one remains    Lattd. Obsd. 6..6 No.

Dist. 115         Course   S.73E.           Diff Lat. 34     Dep. 110
Lat. in.             Long. in. 18..27           Diff. Long 111 Mls [miles]

Thurdsday Augost  29[,1799]:

This 24 Hours Steady Breezes and Clear Weather   All Sail Sett to the Best Advantage:---   People Employed Making Points and Gaskets Mending Sails &c—  Unbent the Main top sail and Bent the N’ern one: the Lottry Louisas and Mary in Company    Lattd. Obsd. 5..42 No.

Dist. 82           Course   S73E.            Diff. Lat. 24                Dep. 78
Lat. in              Long. in 17..08            Diff Long. 79

Friday Augost  30 1799:

This Day Ditto. weather all Necessary Sails Sett to the Best Advantage:---   Bent the Best fore topsail.   People Employed variously     Lattd. Obsd. 5..6 No.

Dist. 104         Course   S.70E.           Diff Lat. 36                 Dep. 98
Lat. in.             Long. In. 15..29          Diff. Long. 99

Sathurday Augost  31st. [1799]:

First Part of this 24 Hours Stiff Breezes and Clear weather:--   At 4 P.M. Saw a Sail in  the S.W. Quartor:----   Standing to the S & Eastward    The Lottry Mary Louisas still in Company:--   People Employed variously:--     Lattitude Observed 4..29

Dist. 88           Course   S.65E.           Diff. Lat. 37                Dep. 80
Lat. in              Long. in 14..08            Diff Long. 81

Sunday Sept.  1  1799:

Troughout this 24 Hours Steaddy Breezeis and Cloudy    At 6 A.M. Lottry and Louisah Bore away for C[ape] Palmas at 11 Ditto. out of Sig[ht]   One Strange Sail in Sig[ht]  the Mary Cptn. [Captain] Cennel in Company:---    Lattd. Obsd. 4..9 North

Dist. 88           Course   S77E.            Diff. Lat. 20                Dep. 86
Lat. in.             Long. in. 12..41           Diff. Long. 87

Monday Septembor  2[ 1799]:

This 24 Hours Steaddy and Clear Weather:---    At 7 A.M. Brought the Before Menchined [mentioned] Ship in Sight too Shec    Been a Hamborga from Hamborgh and tinereef bound to tranquebar in the East Indies:---   People Employed Mending Sails and Sundry other Necessarys:---    Slight Obsd. in 3..22 No.

Dist. 93           Course   S60E.            Diff. Lat. 47                Dep. 81
Lat. in              Long. in 11..20            Diff Long. 81

Tuesday Septembor  3[ 1799]:

Trough out this 24 Hours Steaddy Breezes and Clear. At 3 P.M. Sett fore and T. Gallan Stearingsails:--   Broatched one Tirce Beg one Barrell Pork:--    People Employed Mending Boates Sails: &c:--    Carpindor Laying the Deck Beams on the Long boats:---    Lattd. Obsd. 1..57 No.

Dist. 143         Course   S54E.            Diff Lat. 85                 Dep. 116
Lat. in.             Long. in. 9..24             Diff. Long. 116

Wednesday Sepr. 4th .[1799]:             [different handwriting]

Throughout these 24 Hours steady Breeses all sails set to advantage.-  At 8 P.M. took in the stearing sails.  People employed mending sails making spin yarn &c. Carpenter laying a Deck on the Long Boat.     Latd. Obs.  00..56 No.

Dist. 122         Course   S60E             Diff. Lat. 61 Mls         Dep. 106
Lat. in              Long. in 7..38              Diff Long. 106

Thursday Sepr. 5th . [1799]:                [same different handwriting]

Throughout these 24 hours steady breeses and clear:--  Under Royals &c.  The Mary Captain Kennel in Company. People Employed mending the Boatsail Welding the Oars &c. Carpenter laying a Deck on the Long Boat. – Cooper making Crews and tubs for the Slaves. Broached 1 half Ball of Flour No. 3. --   Lattd. Obsd. 00..14 No.

Dist. 129         Course   S.71E.           Diff Lat. 42                 Dep. 122
Lat. in.             Long. in. 5..36             Diff. Long. 122

Friday Sepr. 6th . [1799]:                    [same different handwriting]

These 24 hours steady breeses and cloudy.- Carpenter Employed as before. – People Painting and doing sundry other necessaries. – Lattd. Obsd. 00..59 S.

Dist. 141         Course   S.59E.           Diff. Lat. 73                Dep. 121
Lat. in              Long. in 3..35              Diff Long. 121

Saturday Sepr 7th . [1799]:                  [same different handwriting]

During these 24 hours – steady breezes and cloudy. Broached 1 Butt of Water No. 9. – People employed doing necessary jobs, and the Carpenter as before. –    Lattd. observed 1..50 S.

Dist. 135         Course   S.68E.           Diff Lat. 51                 Dep. 125
Lat. in.             Long. in. 1..30             Diff. Long. 125

Sunday Sepr 8th . [1799]:                    [same different handwriting]

Throughout these 24 hours moderate Breeses and clear – under Top. G. steering sails &c. at 10 P.M. took in Ditto. Bent the small Bower Cable.    Lattd. obsd. 2..23 S.

Dist. 93           Course   S.69E.           Diff. Lat. 33                Dep. 87
Lat. in              Long. in 3 West          Diff Long. 87

Monday Sep. 9th [17]99:                     [same different handwriting]

First part of these 24 hours light airs. – Middle and latter part modest Breeses under Royals &c. –     Lattd. observed 2..32 S.

Dist. 67           Course   S81E.            Diff. Lat. 9      Dep. 56
Lat. in              Long. in. 53 Est.         Diff. Long. 56

Tuesday Sepr. 10th . [1799]:               [same different handwriting]

These 24 hours light Breeses and clear. – Broached a Butt of Water. People employed variously.    Lattd. observed  3.7 S.

Dist. 57           Course   S.52E.           Diff. Lat. 35    Dep. 45
Lat. in              Long. in 1..58              Diff. Long 45 Mls

Wednesday Sepr. 11th . [1799]:                      [same different handwriting]

During these 24 hours light airs and clear. –     Lattd. observed 3..46 S.

Thursday Sepr. 12th . [1799]:              [same different handwriting]

Throughout these 24 hours pleasant Breeses and Cloudy. –    Lattd. obsd. 4..7 South

Friday Sepr. 13th . [17]99:                  [same different handwriting]

Throughout these 24 hours moderate Breeses and Cloudy and weather all sail set – by the wind?  Broached one Butt of Water No. 11. At 7 A.M. Saw the Land bearing from E.N.E. Dist. 8 Leagues. Tacked Ship to the South and westward. –    Lattd. observed 4..35 S.

Saturday Sepr. 14th . [1799]:               [same different handwriting]

At 4 A.M. tacked Ship to the Southwd. And Eastwd. At 4 A.M. Sound with 100 Fathom of line no – bottom. Broached a But of Water No. 11. –  At 10 A.M. saw the Land bearing from N.E. to S.E. Dist. 7 Leagues, Saw several Islands of Bamboo.    Lattd. obsd. 5..24 South

Sunday Sepr. 15th . [1799]:                 [same different handwriting]

At 4 p.M. Tack’d Ship to the Southward. – At Midnight Tack’d ship to the westwd. –  At ½ past 2 A.M. Tacked Ship to the South East. At 5 A.M. Tacked Ship to the westwd. The Mary Captn. Kennell in Company. At 8 A.M. the Captain [Cannon] went on shore in the small boat at 9 Ditto. came to Anchor in 15 Fathoms water. – Broached a Ball of Pork No. 6 & a Terce of Beef No. 7.

Monday Sepr. 16th . [1799]:                [same different handwriting]

At ½ past Meridian Hove up and Head in for the Harbour, at 3 P.M. came to Anchor in 6 Fathoms water with the small Bower. – At 7 Ditto. Captain [Cannon] came on board. Ending light Breeses and clear. – People Employed clearing Ship &c. –

Tuesday Sepr. 17th . [1799]:               [same different handwriting]

Throughout these 24 hours light Breeses and cloudy weather.   Hoisted the Long Boat & Pinnace out. At 8 A.M. Head up and got under way to go to Loango Hie Mary in compy. At 9 Ditto. set F.T.M. steering sail. –     Lattd. obs. 5..6 South

Wed. Sepr. 18th . [1799]:                    [same different handwriting]

First part of These 24 hours pleasant Breeses & clear. – At ½ past 6 A.M. came too with the small Boat in 22 Fathoms water a breast of Fishers Point. At 8 A.M. Hove up and Head into the Harbor. Ending light airs with small rain.

Thursday Sepr. 19th . [1799]:              [same different handwriting]

Fist part of these 24 hours light Breeses & cloudy weather. – at 2 P.M. came to Anchor with the small Bower in 5 Fathoms water. – People Employed Mooring Ship &c.  Ending light breezes with rain.

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