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Captain Cannon: Transcription of the Iris Logbook - Part 8

[There are no entries between September 19, 1799 and June 19, 1800

Friday July [June[1]] 19th [1800]:          [June 19 is a Thursday, Friday is June 20]         

At 4 P.M. Longo Bo[re] E.B.S. Distand 10 Leagues From Whitch I take My Departure Being in Lattdude 4..41So. Lgt. 12.5   Middle Part Moderate and clear:-- At 5 A.M. Sett fore & M.T. Gallan Stearing Sails---  Latter Part Ditto. Weather    Lattd. Obsd. 4..32 South

Dist. 67           Course   S.82W.          Diff. Lat. 9                  Dep. 66
Lat. in              Long. in 11..47            Diff. Long. 66

Sathurday June 20 1800:        [June 20 is a Friday, Saturday is June 21]

First Part of this 24 Hours Strong Breezes and Clear W.    Middle Part Strong Breezes and Squally    At 8 P.M. Took in the Stearing sails:-- At 11 Took in the Small Sails Breeze freshening     this Day unbent the Cables and unstoed the Anchors.  Sun obscure.

Dist. 128         Course   W2S.             Diff Lat. 13                 Dep. 127
Lat. in. 4..46    Long. in. 9..41             Diff. Long. 127

Sunday June 21st 1800:          [June 21 is a Saturday, Sunday is June 22]

First Part Strong Breezes and Cloudy:--   At 1 P.M. Took in fore and Main top mast Stearing sails & royals    Middle Part Ditto. W.    Latter Part Ditto. Weth.    Lattd. Obsd. 4..40 So.

Dist. 160         Course   N18W.          Diff. Lat. 5                  Dep. 160
Lat. in              Long. in 7.01               Diff Long. 160

Monday June 22d. 1800:        [June 22 is a Sunday, Monday is June 23]

First Part of this 24 Hours Steady Breezes and Cloudy Weather: --   At 6 P.M. Sett F.T. Mast Stearing: ---   Latter Part moderate & Cloudy.    Lattd. Obsd. 4..48 So.

Dist. 153         Course   S87W.           Diff Lat. 8                   Dep. 153
Lat. in.             Long. in. 4..28             Diff. Long. 153

Tuesday June 23d. 1800:        [June 23 is a Monday, Tuesday is June 24]

First Part Steaddy Breezeis and Cloudy Weather. At 5 P.M. Sett F.T. Mast and T.G. Stearings:--  Middle Part Ditto. Weather.    At 3 P.M. in royals & T.G. Stearing sails:--   At 5 Sett Ditto. ---  Latter Part Ditto. Weather     Distd. Pr. Loog 168 m.     Lattd. Obsd. 5..2 South

Dist. 168         Course   S85W.           Diff. Lat. 14                Dep. 167
Lat. in              Long. in 1..40              Diff Long. 168

Wedinsday June 24th. 1800:                [June 24 is a Tuesday, Wednesday is June 25]

Fist Part of this 24 Hours Strong Breezes & Steaddy. Middle Part Ditto. Weather     At 7 PM. Sett the ring too      Latter part Ditto. Weather     Distd. Pr. Loog 181    Latt. Obsd. 5..02 South

Dist. 181         Course   West             Diff Lat. 00                 Dep. 181
Lat. in.             Long. in. 1..22W.        Diff. Long. 182

[Thursday] June 25th. 1800:                [June 25 is a Wednesday, Thursday is June 26]

First Part Steaddy Breezes and Clear:--   Pleasent Weather:--   All Sail Sett to the Best Advantage:--    Middle Part Ditto. Weather    Ends Ditto. Weather:---     Lattd. Obsd. 4..51 South

Dist. 160         Course   N86W.          Diff. Lat. 160              Dep.11
Lat. in              Long. in 4..3W.           Diff Long. 161

Friday June 26 1800:              [June 26 is a Thursday, Friday is June 27]

Strong Breezes and Cloudy…Weather:--   At 10 P.M. took in the ring tails & M.T.G. Staysails:--   At 11 In T.G. Stearing sails and royals:--    Middle Part Squally:--    At 5 A.M. Sett top Gallan    Sett all Small Sails Mos    Moderate & Clear:---    Distd. Per Lg 185     Lattd. Obsd. 4..48 South

Dist. 180         Course   N.89W.         Diff Lat. 3                   Dep. 180
Lat. in.             Long. in. 7..4W           Diff. Long. 181 Mls

Sathurday June 27th 1800:     [June 27 is a Friday, Saturday is June 28]

First Part of this Day Moderate Breezes:---    and Cloudy Weather:---    All Sails to the Best Advan[tage]    At 11 P.M. in Staysails     Middle Part Strong Breezes and Clear W: ----    At 7 A.M. Sett the ring too     People Employed Doing Sundry Necessarys:--    Latter Part moderate & Clear Weather: ---     Lattd. Obsd. 4..46 No.

Dist. 167         Course   N.89W.         Diff. Lat. ?                  Dep. 167
Lat. in.             Long. in 9..52              Diff Long. 168 Mls

Sunday June 28th. 1800:          [June 28 is a Saturday, Sunday is June 29]

First Part Moderate Breezes and Clear Weather. All Necessary Sails…    Middle Part Ditto. Weather    Latter Part Ditto. & Cloudy      Distd. Pr. Loog 149     Lattd. Obsd. 4..28 So.

Dist. 149         Course   N.83W.         Diff Lat. 18                 Dep. 148
Lat. in.             Long. in. 12..21           Diff. Long. 149

Monday June 29th. 1800:        [June 29 is a Sunday, Monday is June 30]

First Part of these 24 Hours Steaddy Breezes & Clear---    Middle Part Ditto. Weather    Latter Part Ditto. Weather     Sun Obscure:---   Dist. Per Loog 162

Dist. 162         Course   N.82W.         Diff. Lat. 23                Dep. 160
Lat. in 4..05     Long. in 15..01            Diff Long. 168

Tuesday June 30 1800:           [June 30 is a Monday, Tuesday is July 1]

First Part of this 24 Hours Strong Breezes and Squally     Middle Part Ditto. Weather     Latter Part Ditto—Ditto---      189 Distand     Slight Obsd. in 3..37

Dist. 182         Course   N.81W.         Diff Lat. 28                 Dep. 180
Lat. in. 3..37    Long. in. 18..01           Diff. Long. 180

Wedinsday July 1st. 1800:      [July 1 is a Tuesday, Wednesday is July 2]

First part Strong Breezes and Squally:--    At 5 P.M. In renig lick & mizzen:---    Middle Part Ditto. & Cloudy    Latter Strong Breezes and Clear Weather:---    182 Distd. Pr. Lg.    Lattd. Obsd. 3..05 South

Dist. 182         Course   N80W.          Diff. Lat. 32                Dep. 179
Lat. in              Long. in  21..00           Diff Long. 179

[Missing July 2, 1800]

Friday July 3d. 1800:              [July 3 is a Thursday, Friday is July 4]

First part Moderate Breezes and Heavey Weather:--    Middle Part Squally with Showers of of reain      Latter Part Squally:--     156 Distd.    Lattd. Obsd. 1..39 So.

Dist. 148         Course   N.64W.         Diff. Lat. 64                Dep. 133
Lat. in              Long. in 26..00            Diff. Long. 133

Sathurday July 4th. 1800:        [July 4 is a Friday, Saturday is July 5]

First Part of thiese 24 Hours Steaddy Breeze and Clear Weather:--    All Necessary Sails Se[tt]     Middle Part Ditto. Weather     Latter Pleasant & Clear     Lattitude Obsd. 00..25…     144 miles Distd.

Dist. 144         Course   N.56W.         Diff. Lat. 74                Dep. 123
Lat. in 25 Mls.So.   Long. in. 28..03   Diff. Long. 123

[Missing July 5, 1800]

Monday July 6th. 1800:           [July 6 is a Sunday, Monday is July 7]

First Part of this 24 Hours Moderate Breeze and Clear W.     Middle Part Moderate and Cloudy:---     Latter Part Ditto. & Clear.     Lattd. Obsd. 2..34 North     127 Distd. Pr. Log

Dist. 127         Course   N.46W.         Diff. Lat. 88                Dep. 91
Lat. in              Long. in. 31..19           Diff. Long. 91

Tuesday [July] 7th. 1800:       [July 7 is a Monday, Tuesday is July 8]

First Part of this 24 Hours Moderate Breezes and Clear.     Middle Part Ditto. Weather        5 Slaves complaining:--      Latter Part fresh Breeze and Cloudy     Obs. In 4..6 No.

Dist. 140         Course   N.49W.         Diff. Lat. 92                Dep. 106
Lat. in              Long. in 106                Diff. Long. 33..05W.

Wedinsday [July] 8th. 1800:  [July 8 is a Tuesday, Wednesday is July 9]

First Part Steaddy Breeze and Cloudy:---     Middle Part Ditto. Weather:--     At 4 A.M. Squally took in & made Sail Acationly     Latter Steaddy and Cloudy     Lattd. Obsd. 5..49 South

Dist. 145         Course   N45W.          Diff. Lat. 103              Dep. 103
Lat. in              Long. in. 34..49           Diff. Long. 104

Thurdsday July 9th. 1800:      [July 9 is a Wednesday, Thursday is July 10]

First Part of this 24 Hours Moderate Breezes & Cloudy     All necessary Sails Sett.    Middle Part Moderate & Cloudy:---    Latter Ditto. and variable:--     Lattd. Obsd. 7..10 No.

Dist. 98           Course   N.34W.         Diff. Lat. 81                Dep. 55
Lat. in              Long. in 35..45            Diff. Long. 56

Friday July 10th. 1800:           [July 10 is a Thursday, Friday is July 11]

First Part variable and Squally     Middle Part moderate and Heavy Weather:----    At 10 A.M.  Hd. [hoved] Ship to the S.Wrd       End Moderate Breezes and and Cloudy Weather:----     Lattd. Obsd. 7..33 North:---     60 Miles Distd.

Dist. 47           Course   N.60W.         Diff. Lat. 23                Dep. 41
Lat. in              Long. in. 36..26           Diff. Long. 41

Sathurday July 11th. [1800]:              [July 11 is a Friday, Saturday is July 12]

First Part Moderate Breeze and Cloudy Weather      At 3 P.M. Hd. [hoved] Ship to the Northward:---     At 8 Hd. to the Wesward.     At 10 wore to the Northward      Middle Part Moderate & variable---    End Squally with rain     Sun Obscure;---

Dist 39            Course   N.61W.         Diff. Lat. 19                Dep. 34
Lat. in 7..52     Long. in 37..00            Diff. Long. 34

Sunday July 1[2th.] 1800:                  [July 12 is a Saturday, Sunday is July 13]

First Part Light Eair      At 5 calm Head to the West     Middle Part calm and cloudy     Latter Part Light Eairs from the NErd.—     Lattd. Obsd. 7..33 No.

Dist. 19           Course   South            Diff. Lat. 19                Dep. 00
Lat. in              Long. in. 37.00            Diff. Long. 00

Monday July 13th. [1800]:                 [July 13 is a Sunday, Monday is July 14]

First Part Light Airs and Clear Weather:--     At 6 P.M. in Stearing sails and royals Dark cloudy weather:--   Middle and Latter Part Light Breezes with constly rain:---    Slaves Below all this 24 Hours:---     Sun Obscure     60 Miles Dist

Dist. 52           Course   N30W           Diff. Lat. 45                Dep. 26
Lat. in 8..18     Long. in 37..26            Diff. Long. 26

[Missing July 14 through July 21, 1800]

Brought forward from the Last Book
Wedinsday July  22[,] 1800:               [July 22 is a Tuesday, Wednesday is July 23]

First Part Light Breezes and Clear Weather:---   Middle Part Ditto. Weather    Latter Ditto. ---   53 Miles Disd.   Lattd. Obsd. 11..39 North

Dist. 53           Course   S.73W.          Diff. Lat. 16                Dep. 51
Lat. in              Long. in 50..33            Diff Long. 52

[1] Although the date in the log is listed as July, I believe it was actually June. The June dating is consistent with the succeeding entries, including the fact that the date or day of the week is one off the actual date. The latitude of 4..32 South is also consistent with the latitude of 4..40 South two days later on June 21, 1800.

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