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Captain Cannon: Transcription of the Iris Logbook - Part 5

Sunday Martch [3 ] [1799]:

First Part of this 24 Hours Small Breezes and Clear w. At 6 P.M. wattor Island[1] Bore west Distand abt. 6 Legues:--- At Midnight Sprung up a Pleasent Breeze: -- At 6 A.M. Hove too the Commadore Being a Staren At 8 Made Sail   Latter Part Ditto. weather undor Dble reeft topsails  Lattd. Obsd. 24..4’ No.

Dist. 52           Course   N52E            Diff. Lat. 32                Dep. 41
Lat. in              Long. in 73..5              Diff Long. 45

Monday Martch 4 [1799]:

Steaddy Breezes and Cloudy with Light Showers.  At 2 P.M. out 2d. reef Maintopsail:--- At 5 P.M. Doblereeft Ditto.  At 7 A.M. Down Gibb and Staysails:---  At 4 A.M. Sett Ditto. out 2d. reef Main topsail:--  End Pleasent and clear   Lattd. Obsd. 24..31

Dist. 70           Course   N.67E.          Diff Lat. 27                 Dep. 64
Lat. in.             Long. in. 70                 Diff. Long. 71..55

Tuesday Martch [5 1799]:

Light Breezes and clear w.   At 2 P.M. Down Gibb and Staysails    Calm with a heavey Swell from the N.Wrd:---  People Employed variously    Latter Part Light Breezes with a Heavey Swell:---   Lattd. Observed 24..30

Dist. 55           Course   East               Diff. Lat.                     Dep. 55
Lat. in              Long. in.   24..30         Diff Long.  60

Wedinsday Martch 6th. [1799]:

First Part of this Day steaddy Breezes and:---  At 1 P.M. Sett Main top Gallansail:----  At 4 Took in Ditto. --- Middle Part of this Day Light Breezes and Clear   Latter fresh and Showery   Sett & took in Sail acationly:--  At Meridian Comadore Bearing West one Mile:--   Lattd Pr Obsn. 24..1…

Dist. 65           Course   S.76E.           Diff. Lat. 16                Dep. 63
Lat. in.             Long. in. 69..46           Diff. Long. 69

Thurdsday [Martch] 7th. [17]99:

Fresh Breezeis and cross Sea from the NW   At 2 P.M. Cloase reef the Fore and mizzen top sail:---  Middle Part Ditto. w.   Latter Part of this Day More Moderate     Lattd. Obs.   No.

Dist. 62           Course   North            Diff. Lat. 62                Dep. 00
Lat. in 25..16   Long. in  69..46           Diff Long. 00

Friday Martch 8 [1799]:

First Part of this 24 Hours Steaddy Breezes and Clear   At 2 P.M. out one reef Main topsail:---  At 11 Ditto. Sett Mainsail   At 2 A.M. out one reef catch top sail and Sett Main top Gallansail;---    Lattd. Obsd 26..34 No.

Dist. 94           Course   N34 E.          Diff Lat. 78                 Dep. 53
Lat. in.             Long. in. 68..47           Diff. Long 59 

Sathurday Martch [9 1799]:

Throughout this 24 Hours Steaddy Breezes and Clear weather:---  At 7 P.M. Hove too at 9 Made Sail   At 10 A.M. Single reef the topsails In all small Sails:---  People Employed Spinning Spinyarn Making a New Mizzen     Lattd. Obsd. 27..38’ North

Dist. 91           Course   N.45E.          Diff. Lat. 64                Dep. 64
Lat. in              Long. in 67..35            Diff Long. 72

Sunday Martch 10th [1799]:

First Part of  this 24 Hours Stiff Breezes and Clear   At 4 P.M. Doble reef the top sails; Handed Mizz   Middle Part Blowing fresh Gail with Heavey weather:---  At Midnight Close reef the topsails the Ship not So Leakey Pumping Evry two hours:[2]---  At Meridian Commadore Bore N E ½ Mile   No. obs--

Dist. 139         Course   N.45E.          Diff Lat. 98                 Dep. 98
Lat. in. 29..16    Long. in. 65..44         Diff. Long. 111

Monday Martch 11 [1799]:

First Part of this 24 H[ours] fresh Gail and Dark Gl[oom]ey weather;---  At 4 P.M. Hove too   At 6 made Sail Saim time reeft the fore sail and Bent a new foretop mast Staysail:----  Middle and Latter Part Blowing a Strong Gail: the Ship Making no more wator then ushal [usual]:     Lattd. Obsd. 00.00

Dist. 147         Course   N58E.           Diff. Lat. 78                Dep. 125
Lat. in 30..34   Long. in 63..20            Diff Long. 144

Tuesday Martch 1[2 1799]:

First Part Strong Breeze and Squally:---  All Necessary Sails Sett   Middle Part Squally with rain:----  Latter Moderate and Clear weather   People Employed Painting the Boats Making a Mizzen and and Sundry other Necessaries     Lattd. Obsd. 31..18 No.

Dist. 120         Course   N.69E.          Diff Lat. 44                 Dep. 112
Lat. in. 31..18  Long. in. 61..09          Diff. Long. 131

Wedinsday Martch [13, 1799]:

First Part of this 24 Hours Steaddy Breezes and Clear weather:--  At 10 P.M. Handed the Mainsail:---  Middle and Latter fresh Breeze Close reef the topsails:---  At 8 A.M Sett the New Mizzen: --   At Meridian the Commadore Bore E.S.E. Distd. Abt. 1 Mile   No Observation this Day

Dist. 79           Course E.B.N.             Diff. Lat. 15                Dep. 77
Lat. in 31..33   Long. in 59..39           Diff Long. 90

Thurdsday [Martch] 14th. [1799]:

First Part Dark Cloudy weather undor Doble reef topsails:---  At Midnight Hove too At ½ Past made Sail the Commadore Come up to us. At 5 A.M. Saw 3 Strange Sails 2 Ships and a Schoo[ner] Standing to the Northward. At 8 A.M. wore Ship to the Northward: ---  Unbent the fore Sail and fore topsail Bent New Ditto.   Lattd. Obsd. 31..09 North

Dist. 49           Course   S.63E.           Diff Lat. 22                 Dep. 44
Lat. in.             Long. in. 58..48           Diff. Long. 51

Friday Martch [15, 1799]:

This 24 Hours Light Breezes and Clear weather:--- People Employed variously  Commadore Made a Signal for all Captains to Come on Bord with there Insh…ons:---  At 9 returned:----   Latter Part people Employed Setting up the fore riggon    Lattd. Obsd. 31..55 North

Dist. 45           Course N.14E.            Diff. Lat. 44                Dep. 11
Lat. in. 31..53    Long. in 58..35          Diff. Long. 13

Sathurday Martch 16th. [1799]:

This 24 Hours Steddy Breezeis and Clear Weather undor Doble reeft topsail and foresail:---  People Employed Middle Stitching the Sails and Making Points   Lattd. Obsd. 32..44 No.

Dist. 98           Course   N60E.           Diff Lat. 49                 Dep. 85
Lat. in. 32..44    Long. in. 56..55         Diff. Long. 100

Sunday [Martch] 17th. 17[99]:

This 24 Hours Steaddy Breezeis and Clear W. undor Doble reeft topsails   People Employed Getting the Bread up on Deck. To Eair:---    At Meridian Commadore Bore E.B.N. 1 Mile   Lattd. Obsd. 34..14 No.

Dist. 147         Course   N.52E.          Diff. Lat. 90                Dep. 116
Lat. in              Long. in 54..37            Diff Long. 138

Monday Martch 18th. [17]99:

Steaddy Breezes and Clear -  At 7 P.M. Hould [hauled] up the foresail Commadore of[f] our Starbourd Beam:---  At Midnight fresh Breeze undor Doble reeft topsail   At 4 A.M. wind freshening  Handed the Mizzen topsail  At 8 A.M. Struck the Main top Gallan mast:---  At 11 A.M. reefed the fore Sail and Cloase reeft the topsails: Blowing fresh   At Meridian Commadore B[ore] E.B.N. 1 Mile   Obsd. In 35..49 No.

Dist. 159         Course    N.53E.         Diff. Lat. 95                Dep. 127
Lat. in              Long. in. 52..02           Diff. Long. 155

Tuesday Martch 19th. [1799]:

Fresh Gails and cloudy undor close reeft topsails Main and fore T.M. Stay sails  At 10 P.M. Hauld up the foresail Blowing Strong Gail:---  Latter Part Ditto. weather   At Meridian Commadore Bore S.E.B.E. Distd. abt ½ mile    Distd. Per Loog 169   Lattd. Obsd. 37..24 No.

Dist. 169         Course   N.56E.          Diff. Lat. 95                Dep. 140
Lat. in              Long. in 175                Diff. Long. 49..07

Wedinsday Martch 20th. [17]99:

Strong Breezeis and Cloudy  At 6 P.M. Hauld up the foresail:---  At 11 Sett D.   Middle and Latter Part Cloudy   At Meridian Commadore Bearing EB.S. Distand 1 Mile:--   Lattd. Obsd. 38..23 North

Dist. 151         Course   N.67E.          Diff. Lat. 69                Dep. 139
Lat. in              Long. in. 46..14           Diff. Long. 176

Thurdsday Martch 21st. [1799]:

Steady Breezes and thick weather:---   At 4 P.M. Hove too at ½ Past 5 & Made Sail:-  This Day Stoped the Peoples Coffee:--  Middle Part Light wind with rain:---  At 4 A.M. the wind fl[uw?] round to the E.N.E:---  At 7 Hd. [hoved] Ship to the SE. 4 ships in Sight Beloning to the Convoy. At 1//2 after Saw the Commadore Bearing S.E.B. E. 2 Lgs At 11 A.M Hd. to the Northward:--   This Day No Obsn.

Dist. 25           Course   S.71E.           Diff. Lat. 8                  Dep. 24
Lat. in 38..15   Long. in 45..41            Diff. Long. 30

Friday Martch 22d. 1799:

Light Breezes and Light Showers of rain:---   At Midnight Clear Weather with a Pleasent Breeze from the SWd.:---  Hould [hauled] Down the Staysail and Mizzen:---   At 10 A.M. out all reefs to Droy [dry] the Sails People Employed Mending Sails Making Matts &c:----   Lattd. Obsd. 39..06 No.

Dist. 71           Course   N.44E.          Diff. Lat. 51                Dep. 49
Lat. in              Long. in. 44..38           Diff. Long. 63

Sathurday Martch [23, 1799]:

Steaddy Breezeis and cl… weather:---   At 4 Sent up Main Top Gallan Mast and Yard:--Middle and Latter Part Ditto. weather:---   People Employed in Sundry about the reggons:--   Distd. Per Loog 127 Mls.     Lattd. Obsd. 40..08 No.

Dist. 127         Course   N.61E.          Diff. Lat. 62                Dep. 111
Lat. in              Long. in 42..13            Diff. Long 145

Sunday Martch 24th. [17]99:

Steaddy Breezes and Clear. At 3 P.M. Cloase reeft the topsails:--   At 7 P.M. Handed the Mizzen topsails & Hauld up the Foresail:---   At 1 A.M. Sett the Foresail   Middle and Latter Part Fresh Breezeis and Clear     Distand Pr. Loog 154      Lattd. Obsd. 41..19 North

Dist. 154         Course   N.62E.          Diff. Lat. 71                Dep. 136
Lat. in 41..19   Long. in. 39..13           Diff. Long. 136

[1] There are seven small islands known as “Water Cay” in the Bahamas. (Wikipedia Encyclopedia: Islands of the Bahamas).
[2] Hugh Crow describes a time when his ship “encountered a succession of gales, during which we were obliged to ply both pumps. My services…in keeping the pump gear in order, were constantly called for…” (Crow Memoirs, p. 5) On another occasion, “We lost our mizzen-mast in a gale, and, the pumps being choked, had a dreadful time of it in bailing out the ship…by means of barrels.” (Crow Memoirs, p. 11)

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