Thursday, May 23, 2019

Sri Lankan Yellow-Billed Babbler

The yellow-billed babbler (Argya affinis) is endemic to southern India and Sri Lanka. It has gray/brown upperparts, a gray throat and breast with some mottling and a pale buff belly. The head and nape are gray. The nominate race (A. a. affinis) is found in southern India and the Sri Lankan race (A. a. taprobanus) is a drab pale gray. The eye is bluish white. 
Yellow billed babbler in Polonarruwa.
In the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens near Kandy.
It is found in Sri Lanka in the lowlands and hills, avoiding heavy forests. We saw it in Polonnaruwa and near Kandy in the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens. 

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  1. Their eyes look like the googly eyes that I use on children's crafts. Weird eyes.