Sunday, May 26, 2019

Indian Rock Python

We encountered a couple of Indian rock pythons in Matare, Sri Lanka, at the home of man that exhibits snakes as a side-line to make money. 

The man put the python around my neck and it was seriously heavy and thick. I would guess that it was at least 50 pounds. Even without any constriction I could feel my neck being squeezed by the bulk of the body. They have a very interesting peach/orange colored head. 
The Indian rock python is also known as the black-tailed python and Indian python. It is found in tropical areas of the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. It is usually whitish or yellowish with blotched patters varying from shades of tan to dark brown. It usually grows to about 9.8 feet, but has been found as long as 15 feet and 110 pounds. 
He put it on the ground so that we could see its natural length and shape. 

They are timid and rarely attack. They usually move in a straight line and are excellent swimmers. They kill prey by constriction. 
He put a smaller one around Judy's neck. 
Note the peach/orange head. 
Kaa, in The Jungle Book, was a large and elderly Indian rock python. 

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  1. The large one looks well-fed. Do you remember Kaa's hypnotic eyes? It's hard to even see their eyes in real life.