Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Indian Cormorant

The Indian cormorant is found near inland waters of the Indian Subcontinent, extending west to Sindh, Pakistan, and east to Thailand and Cambodia. Its range includes Sri Lanka.
Indian cormorant on the lake in Kandy. Note the blue eye. 
In a tree near the lake in Kandy.
It is distinguished by its blue eye, small head with a sloping forehead and long narrow bill with a hooked tip. It is brown with black on the upper plumage. 
In a tree near a lake in Yala NP.
I saw them in Kandy and Yala National Park, and possibly in Anuradhapura, although the cormorants I saw there may have been a different species. 

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  1. They sit so low in the water, like an overloaded canoe.