Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Moose: Hamburger, New York & Sirloin Steak

I have wanted to eat moose meat for years (I've had deer, elk, antelope, bighorn sheep, caribou and buffalo, but haven't been able to find any moose). On a number of occasions I've talked with clients in Montana or others with connections to Montana about getting some moose meat. Finally, this past week, it all came together. A client has done some moose hunting in Alberta and had quite a bit of moose meat at home in his freezer. I asked if I could possibly get some from him and he showed up at work later that day with some hamburger patties and some New York and sirloin steak. Dave and Bonnie Kenison were visiting us for Thanksgiving and Sam and Andrew were home, so we had the hamburgers Wednesday evening. Because the moose is so lien, the butcher actually adds about 8% beef fat to it.

Several moose burgers cooking in a little olive oil.

My moose burger with lots of other fixings. It makes a very good burger. Very mild meat and no gaminess at all. Not real juicy, because of lack of fat, but good taste.

Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, we broke out the New York steaks and sirloin. It was privately packaged.

The raw sirloin is to the left and three New York steaks are to the right and underneath. Note the lack of marbling.

I gave them a coating of olive oil, a little salt and pepper and put them on the outdoor grill.

I cooked them medium rare. They looked very good.

Still very juicy and like the hamburger, had a very mild, not gamey taste. Judy felt it had a little of a liver taste, but I didn't think so. Dave, Bonnie, Andrew and Judy all said they liked it a lot. It is juicier and tastes much better than elk and antelope. Venison can be very strong tasting and gamey. Only buffalo is better. Buffalo has a stronger, very distinctive taste, that I like. I'm thrilled to have had this opportunity and hope to have more some day.


  1. I'm glad to help "taste-test" almost any time, Bob. Just give me a little advance notice and I'll be there!

  2. Thats awesome, try moose sausage or moose pepperonies! I'm a canuk but my uncle and grandpa hunt and give me some delicacies.

  3. this is awful you should not be thrilled to eat some moose. these are very elegant, wild animals. please protect wildlife, even more when it's one of the world's most beautiful environment

  4. I hope to myself get some Moose myself. I would go through great lengths.

    1. It is the best wild big game animal I've tried (I don't count buffalo as wild). However, I'm sure it really depends on what it has been eating as well.

    2. I hope Exotic Meat Market will be able to add it to their list of sellable meats. If not I'll have to find another way. Great article once again.