Friday, December 25, 2009

Hooded Oriole

The hooded oriole is found in the southwestern United States, from central California, southern Nevada, southwestern Utah, central Arizona, southwestern New Mexico and west and south Texas down to southern Mexico. The male has an entirely orange or orange-yellow head (where the name "hooded" comes from), nape, rump and underparts. It has a black bib and narrow mask and a black back, tail and wings, except for two white wingbars, the upper one wide and bold and the lower one narrow. The oriole below was photographed at our home in Redlands.

A sideview of a hooded oriole up in the top of our pine tree.

We had an oriole feeder for a number of years and I never lost the thrill of seeing the orioles on our back porch. They are truly some of the most beautiful birds anywhere. I've seen them in the desert as well, and they light up a landscape.

The female, below, is olive-yellow on the head, rump and tail. The back is a dull, grayish olive. The underside is a brighter yellow.

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