Friday, December 4, 2009

Anamaria's Mexican Food

Andrew introduced me to what he calls his favorite meal in Los Angeles - a gordita at Anamaria's Mexican Food in the Grand Central Market, located at 317 South Broadway. Anamaria's is one of numerous food places in this inside market, and Andrew first went there because it had the longest line of any food vender in the market, so he figured it had to be good. Because he can only get there on rare occasions he always eats the same thing, a pork gordita.

A gordita is like a large pita pocket, with much more substantial bread. First it is stuffed with pulled pork, then lettuce, onions, tomatoes and some kind of white sauce.

The first few bites is all vegetables, wonderful juicy lettuce, etc.

Then wonderful, moist pulled pork.

I'll add Anamaria's to my list of Mexican food joints and will attempt to go there when in LA to go to court or some other occasion. It is fun to have Andrew in Los Angeles to identify new food haunts. He has good taste.

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