Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hot Dog - Santee Alley and the Fashion District

Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, we went to the Garment or Fashion District of Los Angeles to experience Santee Alley. We'd already experienced a big meal, but Andrew told me that they served amazing hot dogs from street carts, wrapped in bacon and smothered in relish, including avocado. Santee Alley is several blocks of streets without cars and stall after stall of people selling shirts, pants, hats, shoes, bras, belts, cds, etc. It was a little culture shock, very fun. Andrew spotted a cart he felt was worthwhile and I looked at the amazing hot dogs wrapped in bacon, fried onions and jalapenos next to them.

Then he pointed out some side relish filled with tomatoes, peppers and other goodies, but sadly lacking the avocadoes he's had before (perhaps not the season?).

The hot dog more than filled the bun and it was very hot. The onion topping was wonderful, as was the relish. I would rate it up there with the best of hot dogs I've ever had. I love the idea of a loaded hot dog, something more than catsup, mustard and some relish or onions. Quite a few carts along the street were selling the same thing, yet I've never seen anything like it elsewhere. Well, I'm all for a good thing.

I looked at a number of Yelp posts about the Fashion District and quite a few mention the bacon wrapped hot dogs. Definitely worth a try.

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  1. Careful these are not legal food vendors...The things that have been found in the carts when they have been confiscated by LAPD or the BID officers would turn your stomach. Keep in mind they also have been caught in restrooms cuting up the onions/vegies that go on those dogs.