Monday, November 30, 2009

Wild Boar Roast

Some game I was quite excited to try was wild boar. Judy had crock-potted peccary some years ago (that Greg Palmer shot in Arizona) and it was pretty good. I love pork and figured the wild boar should be excellent.

The 1.7 pound roast looked like it would cook up nicely.

I found a recipe that included canned pineapple and putting the pineapple and the roast in a plastic bag

then in tin foil in the oven.

When finished cooking, I dumped the contents in a bowl.

Mixed up it looked very good.

However, the contents were very disappointing. The meat was quite gamey, it was mushy, quite dry and most of it went uneaten.

I didn't preserve the recipe as it was not worth keeping. This was perhaps my most disappointing wild game experience as my expectations were so high. It is hard to know whether the problem was the piece of meat (perhaps it did not have enough fat), the recipe, or my cooking, or all of the above. My expectations may also have been unrealistic, putting too much correlation between domestic pork and wild boar.

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