Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cuca's: Mexican Food

I've mentioned before that I have a number of local Mexican food restaurants that I like. They each have their own distinctive salsa and I tend to go there and order only one or two items consistently because I like them so much. Cuca's, located at 527 E. State Street in Redlands is firmly entrenched in my Mexican food repertoire. It is a fastfood pick-up restaurant although they now have several sitdown restaurants as well.
My favorite item on the menu by far is the green burrito, a bean and cheese burrito with green sauce. A simple item, but oh so good. It has to be horrible for you because nothing good for you tastes that good. It is salty and the cheese melts into the creamy refried beans.
Cuca's also has a distrinctive salsa that is quite salty with a good kick. Of coure, I sprinkle it liberally on my green burrito as I eat it.

Cuca's also has some other items I get occasionally, and they are very good as well, but a far second to the green burrito. Next best is their carne asada burrito. It is larger than the green burrito and comes in a more substantial tortilla which is wonderful.

It is just carne asada with a little cilantro and perhaps some other unseen ingredients. But the carne asada is very moist and very spicy and overpowers the cilantro which I am not a big fan of.

Like the green burrito, the carne asada burrito is even better liberally sprinkled with the wonderful salsa. The salsa compliments that spicy carne asada.

Next on the list of goodness, but not pictured, is their french fries. I did a french fry taste testing contest with a group of 14 and 15 year olds where we tried french fries from McDonalds, Bakers, Jack in the Box, Dairy Queen, and other local fast food restaurants and Cuca's were the best by far in my book, and were high on most everyone's list. They are thick, moist and good. Another item I get occasionally, but far down on the goodness list is the tostada. It is a simple tostada shell with beans, cheese, lettuce and tomato.

Of course, it has to be smothered in the salsa, and of course it has to be ordered with a green burrito at the same time.


  1. You took me here when I visited a couple of years ago. Good memories... good food.

  2. Oh boy does that make me hungry! This is definitely worthy to be called a favorite. Great photos!

  3. Every year that I flew to BYUI for Mothers Week my carry on was filled with Cucas burritos!