Sunday, November 29, 2009

Grilled Snapping Turtle

I had some boneless snapping turtle meat and decided to grill it to see how it tasted. I'd previously made some boneless snapping turtle into soup, but the taste of the meat was disguised by all of the ingredients. Years prior to that, I also had snapping turtle meat with bones, both leg bones and tail bones. We cooked it in a way that made it very tough and unpalatable. Andrew called it some of the worst stuff he's ever tasted. This meat was brown, pretty stiff and quite chunky, but a delight to work with compared to the snapping turtle with bones.

I put it on our outdoor grill and made sure not to overcook it.

It actually turned out quite nice. It is very dark meat, quite mild in flavor, relatively moist. Not something I would choose to eat on its own, but fun to try as a novelty. Definitely better than the stringy, tough boned meat we had years ago. It is worth the extra cost to purchase boneless meat, because de-boning the boned meat is very difficult.


  1. u bought turtle meat?

  2. It sounds like you and your dog have the same tastes and talents.

  3. Dam - funniest thing i heard of in over a week !