Saturday, November 28, 2009

Maria's Cafe: Mexican Food

Judy and I were introduced to Maria's Cafe, located at 2049 E. Washington in Colton by Mark and Nancy Walker.

One distinctive feature of the restaurant is the bowl of marinated cabbage that comes along with the chips and salsa. As an occasional treat, it is quite nice. I add it to the chips and salsa. The salsa is very chunky, but quite bland. It is probably my least favorite salsa of the Mexican restaurants I visit regularly.

The dish I usually order comes with a side salad.

The dish is the crab & shrimp chile relleno, a fantastic combination of a very large Anaheim chile stuffed liberally with shrimp and crab. They also have some of the best refried beans of any Mexican restaurant I've been to.

The relleno, below, revealing substantial amounts of white cheese and seafood.

I have only tried a few items on Maria's menu. It is a little farther than I regularly travel to eat and the crab & shrimp chile relleno is so good that I hesitate to get anything else. I did try a different dish on one occasion and was so disappointed, that I've decided not to branch out. However, you know the food is good by the line waiting to get in. It is very popular. I try to go at odd hours just so that I can get in without waiting.

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