Friday, November 27, 2009

La Costa Mariscos: Mexican Food

La Costa Mariscos restaurant has three locations: 621 West Colton Ave in Redlands, 1856 Mentone Blvd in Mentone, and 464 South Mount Vernon Ave in San Bernardino. Unlike most of my favorite Mexican restaurants where they have an item or two I'm fond of, La Costa has multiple items that are very good. I rate it as my overall favorite Mexican food restaurant anywhere. The salsa is a little bit more orange than typical Mexican restaurant salsa, it is usually fairly chunky and has a pretty good kick to it.

I have gone through streaks over the years, in terms of what I typically order from La Costa. I currently focus on their Baja combo, which is a selection of any three of a tostada, taco, relleno or enchilada. It also comes with refried beans, rice and a small salad. As you can see below, it is a pile of food. This particular Baja combo has a chile relleno, a chicken tostada and a chicken taco.

The sauce on the chile relleno is unlike the sauce on any other chile relleno I've ever had and the Anaheim chile is quite large.

The chicken tostada is covered in nice white cheese, plenty of shredded chicken and lots of mixed lettuce. Of course, I always add a nice helping of their wonderful salsa to the top of it.

Below is a different Baja combo including chicken tostada, chicken taco and a cheese enchilada.

Again, the enchilada is covered in a sauce unlike any other sauce I've had at a Mexican restaurant. It is very distinctive and good. I occasionally get the chicken enchilada, but probably prefer the cheese.

I prefer the chicken taco to the beef taco and liberally sprinkle the house salsa on top of it.

I have previously called Cuca's bean and cheese burrito the best. Well, La Costa's fancier burritos are the best of that genre. They have a great seafood burrito, including a covering of interesting sauce and avocado, and full of shrimp and fish. My favorite, however, is the fajitas burrito, with steak. For quite a while, that was what I went there for. They have fantastic fish and shrimp dishes, really their specialty. They have a fish filet cooked in garlic butter which is to die for. It was my dish of choice for awhile. One evening, I believe it may have been on Valentines, Judy and I had a special seafood fajitas plate that included salmon, scallops and shrimp. Amazing. You can't go wrong at La Costa.

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