Monday, August 1, 2022

Red-Rumped Swallow

One gem I spotted among a group of white-bellied barn swallows in the Tagus Estuary south of Lisbon, Portugal was a red-rumped swallow. A group of swallows was standing on electric wires above a street and I took some photos, all of which were the barn swallows, but this one. The red-rumped swallow resembles the barn swallow, but is darker below (then the yellow-bellied), has a pale or reddish rump, face and neck collar. They lack a breast band but do have black undertails. 
The red-rumped swallow is found in small portions of Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. 
Range of red-rumped swallow from Wikipedia.

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  1. When I read "red-rumped," I think of baboons and macaques, not birds. This red rump is much cuter than the monkey version.