Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Carrion Crow

We saw quite a few carrion crows in Portugal and our bird guide treated them quite dismissively and did not give them much attention. So I took a few photos, then left them alone. I get home and find that they have a relatively modest distribution and I'm very happy I got photos. Oddly, there are gobs of them in western Europe, then a significant distribution in Japan and a weakly mottled distribution through central Asia, but huge gaps in between. 
Range map from Wikipedia.
The hooded crow, which I've seen in St. Petersburg, Russia and Budapest, Hungary used to be considered a subspecies of the carrion crow, but is now considered a separate species. 
In the Tagus River Estuary.

The carrion crow is black with a green or purple sheen. It is smaller than a raven and differentiated from a rook by the beak, among other things. 
In the Sado River Estuary.

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  1. It is a bit nondescript and is, well, a crow, whether than rhymes with snow or cow (we've heard both).