Monday, August 29, 2022

Galapagos Green Turtle

In 2017 we took a Caribbean cruise and stopped at the Island of Barbados and took a catamaran on a snorkeling trip. The water was amazingly clear and I got some great photos of green sea turtles. Forward five years, using the same underwater camera I had in the Caribbean, which had not been used since then, Judy and I had opportunities to see more green sea turtles in the Galapagos Islands. We saw them multiple times. In Elizabeth Bay we got lots of views from them in our panga. 

Snorkeling off Moreno Point I followed one for quite a while. My photos weren't anywhere as good as in the Bahamas, but I had much longer visual contact. 

At Urbino Point on Isabela, we snorkeled and followed one green turtle for quite awhile. 

On Santiago Island, at Egas Port, we did more snorkeling and saw more turtles, but I can't find the photos. We also saw them at Tagus Cove, while snorkeling, but didn't get any good photos.  

At one time the Galapagos green turtle was considered a separate species. However, mitochondrial and nuclear DNA testing showed that there is not a significant distinction from other Pacific ocean green sea turtles. 

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  1. That face peering up above the water looks like a great model for a cartoon character. Love it.