Saturday, April 23, 2022

White-Whiskered Hermit

The white-whiskered hermit has a great name and a great look. It also doesn't stand around much. I looked for opportunities to photograph it while standing and I never saw it not-flying, although I admittedly did not see a lot of them. I only saw it at the Amagusa Preserve in Mashpi. It appears to be Choco-endemic + a bit. It has a bronzy crown, iridescent bluish green upperparts and green to dark gray underparts. It has a black mask, a buffy supercilium (or eyebrow) and a white gular stripe. The males bill is almost straight. The female has a shorter bill that is more curved, shorter wings, a longer tail and more grayish underparts. 

It is of "least concern" by the IUCN even though it has a decreasing population. I would like to have obtained better photos than I did. 

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