Monday, April 4, 2022

Empress Brilliant

The empress brilliant is a Choco-endemic hummingbird, that is, it is only found in the cloud forest on the west side of the Andes in Ecuador and Colombia.  
Empress brilliant distribution from Wikipedia.
It is thick-billed, long-tailed, emerald-green with a yellow sheen on its belly, and the male has a violet throat patch, while the female has white on its throat and breast. Both Wikipedia and eBird only have a paragraph on it and eBird reports 10,697 observations and 752 photos. 
Emerald green, violet throat patch and yellow belly. 

With a velvet purple coronet to the left, another Choco endemic hummingbird. 

We saw several of them at Amagusa Reserve in Mashpi and my friend Terry had a number of them land on his hand. 

A velvet purple coronet is to the right.

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  1. This is a beautiful bird, but every time I read "choco endemic" I am hoping for one that looks like chocolate. I guess I should give up on that, right?