Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Rufous-Throated Tanager

This dive into the birds of the cloud forest in Ecuador has been remarkable for me and a realization of what a special place that is. Yet again, I am dealing with another species of bird that is Choco-endemic, that is, found only in the Andean cloud forest of Ecuador and Colombia. Again, Wikipedia and eBird have only a one paragraph description and of the four best photos on eBird, three were taken at Amagusa Preserve in Mashpi, where I saw these birds. Very little is known or written about these birds. Very few people have seen them. What a privilege to have entered their world for a magical day of bird watching.

The rufous-throated tanager has a mostly black head, black eye, beak, legs and feet and spots on its chest and underparts. The upperparts are also black, but outlined by greenish blue and greenish gold. It has a rufous throat and greenish blue and tan surrounds the black chest-spots. 

The back of the rufous-throated tanager to the left - a golden tanager to the right. 

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  1. One of the things I appreciate about your bird watching is that you aren't going JUST for the big, flashy birds like the toucans (although you do take pictures of them too), but you focus also on the little, unknown birds that turn out to be gems like this one. I love the feather patterns on this one. Exquisite.