Monday, April 25, 2022

Rose-Faced Parrot

My last post focused on the black-chinned mountain tanager and mentioned that there was only one paragraph on it in Wikipedia and one paragraph on eBird. Ditto for the rose-faced parrot, another Choco-endemic bird found only in the Andean cloud forests of Ecuador and Colombia. Of the four best photos on eBird, two were taken at Amagusa Preserve in Mashpi where I was. 

It is: mostly green with a golden-brown crown, neck and chest; a light-blue iris, a dark blue pupil with a dark circle around the eye; a flesh-colored bill; a reddish-pink cheek with a black border; a dark brown cap; flesh colored feet; and tinges of dark blue in the tail and wing feathers. 

Sergio Basantes, who runs the Preserve, put out several large bunches of bananas in a tree near a clearing which brought the parrots in in droves. They squawked and made lots of noise.  


  1. What a beautiful bird, and you got THREE at once. It is wild how it is the very same color as the banana peels.

    1. I had photos with ten or twelve in them. I just cropped them down. There were lots of parrots munching on those bananas.

  2. I always wondered by the birds were green, now I know. 🍌