Thursday, July 7, 2016

Timm's Hill - Wisconsin High Point

Timm's Hill, the highest point in Wisconsin, is located in Timm's Hill County Park, between Ogema and Spirit, just below Hwy 86. in north-central Wisconsin, a little more than 200 miles north of Madison. It is sandwiched between Bass Lake to the southeast and Timms Lake to the north. From Hwy 86 take Ring Road south and west and it skirts just south of Bass Lake. Eventually you turn right onto a one way road that bisects the park to the northeast and leads you just past the trailhead to Timm's Hill. Near the trailhead is a covered pavilion with tables and a functioning pump that provides fresh water. To the north is Ring School Road which goes just north of Timms Lake and provides nice views of the summit towers. 
Timms Lake, just north of Timm's Hill, from Ring School Road. The summit tower is visible sticking up in the center of the picture.
Another view of the tower from Timms Lake, this time a little more to the east. 
A telephoto view of the tower.
This sign marks the one-way road that leads to the trailhead.
The one way road is narrow, but goes through some lush green forest with a fair amount of water.
Trailhead information.
A trail from the parking lot goes up about a quarter mile and two lookout towers cover the summit. The older steel tower, is about 22 meters high and covers the actual survey marker which is mounted on a cement post at the base. It can be climbed, but it has a small metal ladder and is somewhat exposed, so I left it alone. A newer wood tower is 15 meters high and has a circular wood stairway that is safe and easy to climb. From the top you get decent views of the surrounding countryside. The top of the hill itself has an elevation of 1,951 feet, 28 feet shorter than the high point of Michigan to the north. 
Huge green trees shade the summit trail.
A large mushroom covers this downed log.
The summit towers are now just barely visible through the trees.
The view grows less obstructed.

The geographic marker.
The high point summit register.
The steel tower from the wood tower.
A view of Bass Lake from the wood tower. 
There is nothing particularly challenging about the summit, other than finding the time to actually drive there. It is in a very rural area. I visited on a relatively warm day and the mosquitoes were in full force. 


  1. Too bad about the mosquitoes--otherwise I would have said this is the perfect summit experience. Who was Timm, the hill's namesake?

  2. Some summits are definitely more beautiful than others.