Saturday, July 9, 2016

Amy's Gourmet Apples - Cedarburg, WI

About 20 miles north of Milwaukee is a town with an historic district known as Cedarburg. We spent some time going up and down the main street and discovered Amy's Candy Kitchen which offers incredible caramel apples in many variations. An assembly line of people was making the caramel apples just behind the counter, so we knew they were made there, then we each selected one from a display case in the front window. 
Four people assemble caramel apples behind the counter. A sign touts various news organizations and magazines that have recognized them. 
A counter display case with chocolate items other than caramel apples.
Judy and I each got a variation of the same kind, Belgian chocolate with cashews, hers was dark and mine was milk. 

They came encased in a special carton made specifically for them with a hole in the top for the stick. They tout the fact that the Wall Street Journal recognized their caramel apple as the best and their website gives a link to the Wall Street Journal article. We had them slice the caramel apples and we started to eat them on benches right outside and finished them the next day. Large Granny Smith apples are the base, then thick layers of caramel, chocolate and nuts are added. In the photo with a piece removed, note how thick the layers on the outside of the apple are. What's more, the coating stuck to the apple and did not fall off as it was being consumed. As I finished mine for breakfast the next morning, the apple was still crisp, tart and delicious. The slicing of the apple enabled me to pull off pieces in chunks and eat it a chunk at a time, with a nice combination of apple and layering in each bite. 
Information on the outside of the packaging.
Look at how thick the coating is. The cashews are embedded in the coating throughout which helps keep it intact.
I've never thought of caramel apples as something to ooh and awe over - until now. 


  1. Yep, I could ooh and awe over that.

  2. Best apple I've ever eaten. If I were Eve and these were the apples on the tree, I'd have had ten before Adam knew what had happened.