Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Renard's Cheese

On our visit to Wisconsin we visited the Door Peninsula which is about two hours north of Milwaukee by car and juts into Lake Michigan, creating the land barrier which makes Green Bay on the west side, separating it from the rest of Lake Michigan. On our drive, which eventually reached Gills Rock and Northport at the end of the peninsula, we stopped at Renard's Cheese just outside of Sturgeon Bay, about half-way down. 

We had some Lay's Kettle Cooked Jalapeno flavored potato chips in the car and I spotted some cream cheese & chives spread that looked like it would go perfectly with the potato chips. It did. Several hours later the potato chips and spread were all gone and I was wishing for more. The smoothy creaminess of the spread with the really strong chips complemented each other. 

Judy had me get some Renard's natural olive cheddar cheese which was infused with chunks of olive. She also got a baguette with the intended purpose of making some car-sandwiches with the cheese. A little later on we stopped at a roadside stand and I purchased some smoked whitefish, an oily, bony fish that is captured in Lake Michigan and smokes very nicely. The smoked whitefish is pretty strong and combined well with the olive cheddar on a piece of baguette. Sometimes our little car-meals, put together from road-purchased items, are as good or better than some of our restaurant meals. 

Smoked whitefish
Smoked whitefish and cheese on a baguette.
We brought home some Renard's Havarti jalapeno cheese, morel & leek Monterey jack cheese and ghost chili pepper Monterey jack cheese. I have been eating cheese sandwiches the last week and have almost finished them off. My cheese sandwiches are made of potato bread, mayonnaise, sweet onion slices, avocadoe slices, slices of cheese and sometimes red leaf lettuce. They have been outstanding. The ghost pepper cheese has got a good kick to it. I love the strong flavor. The jalapeno cheese was not nearly as hot, but still had a bit of a kick and the cheese was more creamy. The morel & leek cheese was much more mild, but creamy, and worked well on sandwiches and in salads. 

Sandwich with sweet onion, avocado, mayo and ghost pepper cheese.

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  1. You've made some pretty heavenly sandwiches and salads with these cheeses. I liked all the selections, but I REALLY liked the morel one.