Sunday, July 3, 2016

Mrs. Backer's Pastry Shop - Salt Lake City

My favorite cake in the world is made on South Temple in Salt Lake City at Mrs. Backer's Pastry Shop. 
The butter cream frosting is incredible and when paired with their pineapple filling it is near nirvana. When I visit Salt Lake, Mrs. Backer's is on my way to my mother's, so I try to stop if it is open. The first item on my list is the Hawaiian Bar, a butter cream-topped, pineapple filling filled cake-bar that I dream for. The Rum Bar also has pineapple filling and is a good second choice. 

This past trip I could not resist a cupcake made of butter cream. It was a little much for me, I discovered that even I can be overwhelmed by butter cream. Mrs. Backer's offers way more stuff, really good stuff, but this was from my recent visit. The stuff of dreams. 


  1. I find myself cursing you just a little as I sit here on fast Sunday reading this post.:(

  2. I love to look at it more than eat it myself. It is a visual feast.

  3. Sinfully delicious. The pictures are jumpstarting my salivary glands, and making my jaws want to clamp shut on something similarly mouthwatering. I hope I can pay a visit to Mrs. Backer's one of these days!