Sunday, March 30, 2014

Trofea Grill - Budapest

Trofea Grill in Budapest was one of our "have to"s. This was a place discovered by Andrew during his three month travels through Europe with a friend during his first year of college at UCLA. We have a picture of Andrew on our refrigerator with a small whole octopus hanging out of his mouth. When we visited I was going through a vegan phase and unfortunately missed out on sampling the full garden of delights. Trofea drips hunting, with deer antlers, skulls, mounted fish and wild boar skins virtually everywhere. This is the European version of the Buckhorn Exchange.  Trofea is an all-you-can eat place with offerings of wonderful looking food everywhere. 
Trofea Grill 
A large stag skull hanging outside is truth in advertising.
Antlers everywhere.
We used a street car to get back to our hotel, but walked to get there. A very long walk. 
From the front lobby.
One ugly big fish.
I believe this is a wild boar, although I originally thought it was a bear.
More antlers.
Trays of fish and other meat.
Octopus, herring, trout
Baked chicken thighs and legs.
Trays of sliced meats, stuffed olives, mozzarella and other delights.
Creative concoctions of sliced meats combined with cheese.
Peppers and cured meats.
A nice selection of cheeses. I note the pesto gouda which I've had since, but did not have then. 
Some soft cheeses, like Camembert, and harder cheeses.
A large ball of cheese - not often that we get to see cheese in its initially completed form.
Some nice prepared salads.
More salad
Corn, potatoes, creamed spinach, carrots and other items.
Now to the places where I saw my action: lettuce, onions, peppers, endive, beans. 
Pesto, cucumbers, tomatoes, nuts.
One day I would love to go back to Budapest and give Trophea Grill the kind of respect it deserves, a true sampling. 


  1. A truly spectacular Eating Event. I think this is the best buffet I've ever seen.

  2. That was a memorable meal--well worth the long trek to get there.