Friday, March 7, 2014

Ring-Billed Gull

The ring-billed gull is most distinctive for its name-sake yellow/green bill with a dark ring around it.
Ring-billed gull in St. Augustine, Florida.
It has a white head, neck and underparts and silver/gray wings and back. 

It has black wingtips spotted with white and the underside of the wings is white. 

It has yellow/green legs and yellow eyes with red rims. It normally has some gray splotches on its head when it is not breeding and the red around the eyes is difficult to see. When breeding, the head turns all white, the red around the eyes becomes very pronounced and portions of the bill and legs get reddish. This particular gull was found in St. Augustine, Florida in January of 2013.  
In February 2017 in Puerto Penasco, Mexico, we saw the following ring-billed gull standing on the head of a statue.

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