Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Grilled Bison Ribeye

I've been holding out the bison ribeye Judy had at The Fort in Morrison, Colorado as one of the best pieces of meat I've ever eaten. Since, I've tried various pieces of bison, including a New York steak, and a ribeye at Ted's Montana Grill in Denver and I've not had the same magic. I was finally able to find a boneless ribeye from Whisper Mountain Ranch in Oak Glen and I was really curious how it would compare. 

I did my traditional treatment, rubbed on olive oil, salt and pepper, and put it on the outdoor grill. It was not in the same category as the ribeye at The Fort, but it was very, very good. It was tender, very moist (the extra fat in the ribeye) and had a nice flavor. The comparison of various cuts has led me to believe that the extra money for the ribeye is well spent: it is just a much better tasting piece of meat. I suspect that the same may be said for a bison filet mignon - I'm going to have to try it next. 

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  1. Buffalo anything is always surprisingly good. I would expect it to be tough, but it isn't, and it just seems more flavorful than beef.