Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rocky Mountain Oysters: Buffalo vs. Bull

While in Colorado recently, we stopped to eat at two of my favorite eateries: Buckhorn Exchange in Denver and  The Fort in Morrison. For lunch at Buckhorn Exchange, I was with Andrew and Sam, and my nephew, Scott Jones, son of Judy's sister, Chris Jones, who lives in Denver. Andrew had not eaten Rocky Mountain oysters before and wanted to try them.  
They are bull testicles cut into thin slices, breaded and fried. They came with cocktail sauce and mild horseradish. 
They were actually quite good - better than I recall them being two years ago. I did not notice an organ meat taste I recalled them having before. They were quite popular among our group and we finished the plate. Several days later, when we had dinner at The Fort, Andrew was interested in trying the Rocky Mountain oysters again. We thought it would be fun to see how they differed from the Buckhorn Exchange version. It turned out that they were very different. They were breaded, but they were in much smaller round pieces and did not have as much breading on them. 
They were also much softer, almost like eating soft cheese or butter. They were really excellent. We asked the waiter about the difference. We then learned that The Fort "oysters" are buffalo testicles. Buffalo testicles are each about the size of a baseball. They cut them into small pieces before breading them. I'm not sure if The Fort prepares them differently than the Buckhorn Exchange does theirs, other than the cut, or if the difference is due to buffalo vs. bull, but whatever it is, The Fort buffalo testicles are far superior in taste and texture. We cleaned the plate and could have eaten another one or two just like it. They were that good. They are also far superior to the turkey testicles I've eaten. 


  1. i like how presentable it is, you would think it's fried mozarella. Looks like a good beer snack.

  2. They would be great eats for watching college bowl games or for the Super Bowl. Nice, testosterone inducing appetizers.