Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cheese: Soignon

Soignon is a goat cheese 
made in the Poitou region of west central France since 1895. After adding a bit of rennet and lactic ferment to the goat milk, it slowly curdles over a day or two. The curd is then put into a mold and salt and enzymes are spread on it which helps it develop a moldy rind. It has wonderfully soft flesh, almost like a Brie. 
I was not able to find a copy of the specific label I had on the internet, 
but by taste I believe what I had was a ripened cheese. Ours had a little mold, not only on the rind, but on the outer flesh as well. 
I was unsure if it was supposed to be that way, or if it was getting old. I flew caution to the wind, decided to treat it as though it belonged, and it tasted great. It was quite strong, not as goaty as we expected, and it had a slightly blue taste, perhaps because of the mold on the flesh. If it wasn't supposed to be there, it was good anyway. It was not as soft as Brie, but close. 
We really liked it, both the texture and the taste. It was our favorite of about six cheeses we were sampling. We will definitely be trying more. 

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  1. This cheese is really delicious, i never be in france but there's a market close to my place that import many things from europe and is really interesting what you can find.