Saturday, September 10, 2011

Buffalo Bone Marrow

One of the greatest foods I've ever eaten is buffalo bone marrow. I just recently had it for the second time at The Fort in Morrison, Colorado, one of the most fun restaurants I've ever been to. The buffalo bone marrow appetizer is great on a number of levels. First, it is initially shocking to see how big the bones are, which are sawed in half lengthwise. 
Next, once you dig into the marrow with a spoon, it is shocking to see how much marrow there is in each half-bone. 
Then, once you put a big spoonful in your mouth, or onto a crostini and then into your mouth, the richness and decadence is overwhelming. It is so rich and fatty that you can only eat so much, but those bites are luscious! Finally, it is great because it is so unusual. Where else can you get something like this? Nowhere that I've been able to find. I love exploring new places and I find that exploring new foods is just as fun and thrilling. As a boy I used to love bone-in ham. I would stick my finger in the bone and scoop out as much marrow as I could on my finger. I preferred the marrow from warm ham, but I would also eat it from cold ham. Likewise, I loved (and still do love) cuts of lamb or beef that included a sideways cross-section of bone with the marrow. Put on a little bit of salt and pop it out with your finger, or if the bone is too thin or too long, plug one end with your finger and suck on the other end and release the finger - the succulent, juicy marrow flies into your mouth. The buffalo marrow gives you that same experience, but amplifies it about 100 times. 

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  1. Awesome recipe! I love the flavor of those buffalo bones so bad!