Friday, September 16, 2011

Cheese: UnieKaas Reserve Naturally-Aged Gouda

UnieKaas Reserve, 
formerly known as Amsterdam Reserve, is cave-aged at least 18 months. One site described it as "a hard orange cheese with salty butterscotch, roasted nuttiness and crystallized crunchy bits of salt that melt into a creamy, meatiness on the tongue." 
I'm not finding much about it on the internet other than the typical marketing stuff that every cheese seller uses. It appears that UnieKass is the "leading cheese company in the Netherlands" which I assume means it is the cheese company with the most sales. 
We found the cheese to have a nice crystalline crunch, very tangy or acidic, and a deep taste, or as Judy put it, it hits you "mid-tongue."  
I have been tasting a number of aged Goudas recently (Old Amsterdam, Rembrandt Extra Aged, and Beemster Classic) and it gets hard to distinguish them without being able to do a side-by-side taste test. All have been aged at least 18 months and all of them are good. 


  1. ummmmm so yummy cheese I like so much and of course I enjoy to eat it

  2. This is the best cheese i have EVER put in my mouth.

  3. Its a dry but strong Cheddar/Gouda flavor with little bits of crunchy protein heaven bits all mixed in it that throws you to the moon and back.

  4. currently enjoying cheese with a honey brown lager. purchased at whole foods in auburn hills MI. Man one of the best cheeses I've ever had.OH GOD the little salty,crunchy bits that melt on the tongue.Life is good. on sale too. in a big basket at the entrance door.