Friday, May 6, 2011

Vista Solo Papaya

I found what looked like a different version of papaya at the Asian market recently. 
It is smaller than the Mexican Maradol papaya, and larger and less pear-shaped than the Hawaiian Strawberry (Sunrise) papaya. The description of the Vista Solo Papaya appears to fit. The Vista Solo is medium to large, has a yellow skin 
and orange to yellow-orange flesh. 
It was originated in Vista, California by Ralph Corwin and needs fairly hot weather to develop sweetness. 
In terms of preference, I would take it over the Maradol, because it is smaller and sweeter, but prefer the Strawberry (Sunrise) because the Strawberry is a little smaller and a little sweeter. The shape and number of seeds appear to be midway between the two, more elongated 
and fewer seeds than the Strawberry, 
but more pear-shaped and more seeds than the Maradol. 

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