Sunday, May 15, 2011

Goat Heart and Liver

I have discovered that when you slaughter an animal and have been involved in the sights and smells that accompany that process, it can color your experience with preparing and eating the meat. When I found the liver inside the goat carcass I was surprised at how big it was. As I tried to cut out and preserve the liver, I discovered a greenish bubble attached to it and I was concerned I might pop it and unleash some sort of nasty fluid. Looking on-line after the fact, I believe it was the gall bladder. It was dark outside, at that point, and I had a hard time seeing what I was doing. I was able to make a few snips here and there and remove the bubble without an incident. When I got home, I cut the heart and liver 
into sections and placed them in a frying pan with some olive oil and an entire sliced sweet onion. 
The lamb liver we at last year was very mild. The goat liver, by contrast, was quite strong, quite sweet and yet a little bitter, and the texture was a little unnerving. 
It was still quite rare and the combination of the taste and texture and proximity in time to removing it from the goat got to me, so I put it away after four or five bites. The next day, as I was preparing the rest of the goat, I sliced the remaining goat liver into smaller chunks and cooked it some more. 
It was not so rare, the texture hardened a little and I enjoyed it more. 
I took the remaining liver and onions to the father and sons outing that night and had several takers (most people I know, however, are not liver eaters). The consensus among those who tried it was that it was quite good. 

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