Thursday, May 5, 2011

Strawberry (Sunrise) Papaya

There are two types of papayas: Hawaiian and Mexican. Mexican papayas are quite a bit larger than the Hawaiian and the flavor is less intense. I previously did a post on the Maradol papaya, a Mexican papaya. The smaller Hawaiian papayas are pear-shaped and weigh about a pound (as opposed to the Mexican varieties that can weigh more than ten pounds). 
The Sunrise papaya, also known as the strawberry papaya, 
has a salmon-red to pink flesh and a high sugar content. 
The skin is a freckled greenish-yellow that turns yellow as the fruit ripens. 
The shell becomes slightly soft as it ripens. The flesh is similar to a melon. 
Strawberry papaya is the "sweetest, most flavorful of all Papayas." Salmon-red to pink flesh with a hint of fresh peaches and berries. I purchased two of them and ate them for breakfast, one on each of two mornings. 
The smaller size is easier to deal with than the larger size of the Maradol papaya. I could eat one at a meal and not have to deal with storage of leftovers. The flesh is also sweeter, a real delight. Interestingly, there are substantially more seeds in these smaller papayas than in the larger Maradol papayas. 

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