Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Infrared Cooked: Back Goat Legs

This is the last of my whole goat experience. As with the front goat legs, I rubbed the back goat legs with course salt 
and marinated them in a mixture of mashed papaya, lime juice, olive oil and white grape juice. 
After marinating them overnight and the next morning, I towel dried each goat leg and sprinkled on hot Hungarian paprika, pepper, and thyme.  
I put it in the cooker basket 
and then into the infrared cooker 
until the leg reached an internal temperature of about 180 degrees. I did this for each goat leg, back to back. After letting each one cool down, 
I carved off the meat 
and put the meat together 
with the back goat front legs and the barbecued ribs. I took them to the fathers and sons outing and tried to reheat the meat with a warming tray, which wasn't working well. So I put the meat on the large grill being used to grill hamburgers and hot dogs, and eventually added the left over liver and heart as well. 
I'm guessing we had about 70 people and most of those present, probably about 70%, tried the goat and most that tried it liked it. I had another 6 or 7 people who tried the liver and heart and most of them liked it. I don't recall any of the people saying they'd tried goat before, so it was a new experience for everyone. 

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  1. LOVING the whole goat experience. That leg bone looks incredible. Great use of papaya and beet. I would have loved being there. Can't say I envy your slaughter duties. I have a soft spot for goats.