Monday, February 15, 2010

Beef Ribs - Non-Boiled with Rub and with BBQ Sauce

I was at Albertson's on Saturday and they had a special on beef ribs. I thought of my recent forays to Baby Blues BBQ in Venice and Pat's Barbecue in Salt Lake and decided to give it my own shot. I did not love the pork ribs I had at either place and have felt that Judy's home-made pork ribs have been better. I did love the beef ribs I had at Baby Blues. I decided to try the beef ribs three different ways. First, I wanted to do one with a BBQ rub. Second, several with BBQ sauce without pre-boiling. Both of those methods are in this post. Next, I wanted to try pre-boiling some ribs and then use BBQ sauce. That will be another blog post. That is how Judy does her pork ribs which are so good. First, I cut the slab into individual ribs.
We had some Porky's Bar-B-Q Dry Rub on hand. Porky's is in Memphis and makes wonderful dry rub and BBQ sauce. I am discovering that Memphis barbeque is my favorite of all the regional barbeque types.

I did only one rib this way. Here is a rib with the rub.

Then I put it on our outdoor gas grill.

It looked great. Then I cut some off and tried it. My oh my, it was absolutely wonderful. It was my favorite of all three ways I tried. It exploded with flavor; it was rare and extremely juicy. It was more like eating some highly seasoned prime rib. It was also the easiest to cook and prepare - no messy BBQ sauce to contend with. Unfortunately, I only did one this way.
Next I did a couple using Commissary BBQ Sauce. Commissary is another Memphis BBQ joint, in fact my favorite of all, with the possible exception of BB King's, which also has an atmosphere and location that can't be beat (at the head of Beale Street).

These ribs were coated in BBQ sauce without being boiled first.
Then I put the ribs on the gas grill.
These were also very rare and juicy. Much of the natural beef flavor was covered by the BBQ sauce. In the contest between the natural beef flavor and the BBQ sauce, the natural beef flavor won out. The BBQ sauce was good, but the dry rub was an absolute killer.  

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