Friday, February 5, 2010

Barbeque Duck, including Brains

While in Chinatown with Andrew and Lauren on Saturday we walked by a shop window with barbeque ducks hanging.
They looked very good, so we purchased one and decided to include it in our meal for the day.

The head was attached and Andrew announced that he was going to eat it.

True to his word, he started on the neck and then began to work his way up.

He finally got to the brain and had some. At that point, I had to participate. There wasn't much, but I did have some of the brain. It was not bad, actually quite good. Aside from the head cheese I had recently, these were my first brains.

I cut off a leg and enjoyed the wonderful, flavorful, fatty meat and the semi-crunchy skin. Duck is up there as one of my favorite meats.

We had lots of things we were were snacking on Saturday, so I left the majority of the carcass, still uneaten, with Andrew.

It was very fun enjoying a meal with Andrew and Lauren in Andrew's living room, at Andrew's table. Lauren is a good sport. I have previously detailed some of the interesting items we tried and will further detail some things later. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day.

I can't think of many things I would rather do. Thank you Lauren and Andrew for spending a good part of the day with me in culinary adventure. We'll have to do it again.

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