Thursday, October 15, 2009

Eliane French Bakery

While in Orem, Utah, recently, I stumbled across a French bakery which I really like. It is Eliane French Bakery, located at 1750 South State Street in Orem. While in France years ago with our family, Rachael introduced us to French pastries and I've been in love ever since. The only problem is that you just can't get French pastry in the U.S. anywhere near as good as that available in Paris. However, this is the closest I have come so far.

I have been to Eliane several times. Each time I have purchased an array of different items and taste tested each of them. The first time I had a chocolate eclair which I loved, including chocolate filling like we had in France. They didn't have them this time. I did get a light lemon cheese cake with a beautiful fruit topping and it was very good.

I'm not even sure what the next item is called, but I got it for the second time and it was very good.

The Napoleans are fantastic, quite similar to Paris. Aside from the spinache quiche, my favorite thing there.

The fruit tart I had for the second time. It was good, but not as good as the first one. This one had pastry that was a little crisper, not as moist. However, the presentation is beautiful.

The raspberry cheesecake was light and very good. Judy preferred the lemon, above, and I preferred this. The raspberry flavor was strong and good.

This strawberry dessert was my least favorite item. I would not get it again.

My favorite item, by far, is the spinache quiche. It is very moist, has a good, rich, bacon taste and has a very pleasing texture. I will go back again and again for this item. I also had it the first time and plan to have it the third time!

Finally, we had a chicken quiche. It was okay. It was not as moist as the spinache quiche and not as flavorful. I would not get it again. However, I do look forward to having any other types of quiche they serve, to see if any of the others can measure up to the spinach.

This is on my list of places to go again - and again.

Updated February 5, 2010:

I do go back, every time I go to Orem. I love this place. I just had the lemon mousse again and it is fantastic. The Napolean had a little red color in it. I didn't try it, but as I look back I should have. I tried a new kind of quiche, ham and bacon, and it was very good. Lots better than the chicken, but still not quite as good as the spinach. I could eat the quiche on a regular basis.

Updated March 7, 2010:

I was in Utah recently and stopped by Eliane's to buy some pastries for my mother. They had a raspberry Napolean which I had to try. I enjoyed it, but I was not as fond of the raspberry filling in the middle as the regular Napolean filling. It was still good, but not divine.

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  1. I just discovered this bakery the other day too! Lucky it is all the way in Orem or my hips would not be thanking me! Maybe I will have to run there next time! I have never had the real thing but I imagine those are pretty close.