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Ship Sidney: Two Deaths on Board

September 23, 1842 (Friday):

[Levi Richards] Friday 23 All these 24 hours strong gales & squally with rain ends squally with rain. 168 knots. Dead reckoning. Latitude 45.22 Longitude 13.-54.

[Alexander Wright] 23rd my mother some better. Today numbers are sick yet. The wind from the west.

September 24, 1842 (Saturday):

[Levi Richards] Saturday 24 All these 24 hours strong & squally with a very rough sea, ends with strong gales & squally with rain all prudent sail set. 140 [knots]. Dead reckoning. Latitude 43.27. Longitude 15.-30.

[Alexander Wright] 24th had a strong breeze from the west and a good many sick still.

[Joseph Smith [1]] Ship Medford sailed from Liverpool for New Orleans with 214 Saints.

September 25, 1842 (Sunday):

[Levi Richards] Sunday 25 First part of these 24 hours strong gales & squally. At 2 p.m. took in top gallant sail. At 5 took one reef in the main mizzen topsail. Heavy sea running at 7. Reefed the main sails. Last part more moderate. Ends with all drawing sail set. 158 [knots]. Latitude 40.52. Longitude 17.51.

[Alexander Wright] 25th a fine day and sickness nearly disappeared. I got some cayenne pepper from Elder Richards to my mother as she was very bad in a dysentery and I gave her some consecrated oil. This being Sabbath the meeting was opened by Elder Richerds [Richards] and Elder Grenhon [Greenhow] preached forenoon and Elder Watt in the afternoon. We have had a good day of it.

September 26, 1842 (Monday):

[Levi Richards] Monday 26 All these 24 hour pleasant gales & clear weather. 161 [knots]. Latitude 38.48. Longitude 20.-26

[Alexander Wright] 26 This is the finest day we have had and sickness is almost disappeared.

September 27, 1842 (Tuesday):

[Levi Richards] Tuesday Sept. 27 All these 24 hours gentle gales & pleasant weather. Ends with all drawing sails set. 100 [knots]. Latitude 37.47. Longitude 22. 07.

September 28, 1842 (Wednesday):

[Levi Richards] Wednesday 28 These 24 hours begins with light winds & pleasant. Middle part, the same. Last part, gentle gales & passing clouds. 97 [knots] Latitude 36.48. Longitude 23.45.

[Alexander Wright] 28 We had strong breeze today. My mother gets better.

[Joseph Smith [2]] Ship Henry sailed from Liverpool for New Orleans with 157 Saints.

September 29, 1842 (Thursday):

[Levi Richards] Thursday 29 Commenced with strong breeze & cloudy weather. Middle part variable winds & rain. At daylight saw St. Mary's Island, bearing by compass northeast. Ends with gentle gales & pleasant. Near St. Mary's took a [-] departure. Latitude 36.20 Longitude 25.36. 132 knots. Calm 3 hours.

[Alexander Wright] 29 Calm this morning and St. Mary Island in sight in the afternoon. A fine breeze.

September 30, 1842 (Friday):

[Levi Richards] Friday 30 All these 24 hours pleasant gales & passing clouds. 181 [knots] Latitude 34.21. Longitude 28.00.

[Alexander Wright] 30 We passed a ship this morning. Had a fine breeze and mother got better.

October 1, 1842 (Saturday):

[Levi Richards] Saturday Oct. 1 Commenced with gentle breezes from the north & pleasant weather. Middle part squally with rain. Ends with light air from the eastward warm & sultry. 118 [knots] Latitude 32.56. Longitude 29.41.

[Alexander Wright] October 1st it is calm and the ship lies to the south.

October 2, 1842 (Sunday):

[Levi Richards] Sunday 2 For the first & middle part of these 24 hours light airs & calm. At 2 a.m. a light breeze from the westward too in stand sails - ends with moderate gales & pleasant. 89 [knots]. Calm 10 hours. Latitude 32.16 Longitude 31.25.

[Alexander Wright] 2nd Being Sabbath Elder William R. Mlelenin [McLean] the forenoon. In the afternoon with we sacrament was administered by Elder Greenhow and Watt then, Elder Levi Richards spoke of the Missouri persecution and exhorted the Saints to be faithful. I followed him and bore testimony to what he had said, and in the evening Elders Greenhow and Watt. In the evening mother is well now.

October 3, 1842 (Monday):

[Levi Richards] Monday 3 All these 24 gentle gales & clear weather. At 4 a.m. wind began to howl to the northward. Ends with all drawing sail set. 103 [knots]. Latitude 30.48. Longitude 32.26.

[Alexander Wright] 3rd Was a fine day. The captain killed a pig and made a present of some pork to the passengers. We passed another ship and Elder Key [Kay] preached in the afternoon. Elder Wright opened the meeting for him and Elder Greenhow spoke after him.

October 4, 1842 (Tuesday):

[Levi Richards] Tuesday Oct. 4 First part of these 24 hours gentle breeze & pleasant. Middle part light airs & calms. Last part gentle gales & squally with rain. Ends pleasant all drawing sail set. 72 [knots]. Calm 1 hour. Latitude 27.56. Longitude 32.26.

[George Cannon] This is Tuesday, the 4th of October-- a delightful day; the wind is fair and the vessel going about five knots. I am sitting in the stern of the vessel. On each side of the deck are laid some spars, on which and on the vessel’s sides--not too high up-- are seated men, women and children, the younger children scrambling about the deck, while my poor old woman is lying on the hatch under the boat still very ill and unable to hold her head up for any length of time. This is the only drawback to my pleasure, as all the rest of us are well.

[David H. Cannon [3]] David, age 4, recalled that he was a "hard case" on board the ship. On one occasion when he misbehaved and his father threatened to bring the captain to settle with him, he retorted, "Bring him on!"

[Alexander Wright] 4th In the forenoon we had some rain. In the afternoon and elder [Watts] gave a lecture on phrenology, another is getting start now.

October 5, 1842 (Wednesday):

[Levi Richards] Wednesday 5 All these 24 hours light wind & pleasant, so ends with all drawing sails set. 99 [knots]. Latitude 28.16. Longitude 33.54.

[Alexander Wright] 5th Was a calm and very warm and Elder G.D. Watts gave another lecture on phrenology.

October 6, 1842 (Thursday):

[Levi Richards] Thursday 6 This 24 hours commenced with moderate gales, weather clear. Middle & last part light & variable winds. Saw 3 sails running to the north & eastward. Latitude 27.59. Longitude 33.34.

[Alexander Wright] 6th A calm and 3 ships in sight. We sighted [-] with her. It was very warm and the captain put up a sail overhead to keep the sun off us. Elder Kay preached and Elder Harison [Richard Harrison] followed him.

October 7, 1842 (Friday):

[Levi Richards] Friday 7 Commenced with light airs, & pleasant weather. At 4 p.m. calm, middle & last part light. Moderate gales & pleasant. Saw 4 sails running north & eastward. Ends with all drawing sails set by the wind. 60 [knots]. Calm 5 hours. Latitude 28.05 Longitude 35. 04.

[Alexander Wright] 7th Had a good breeze ahead and passed 5 ships.

October 8, 1842 (Saturday):

[Levi Richards] Saturday 8 Commenced with gentle breezes, pleasant weather. Middle part squally with rain. Ends with fresh breezes & short chopped sea. 21 [knots]. Latitude 27.10. Longitude 35.04.

[George Cannon] Saturday, 8th of October--Up to this time nothing of consequence occurred on board. My poor Ann still continues very sick and is getting weaker every day. This morning a child of Brother John Yates’ died, a fine little boy [Robert] three years old. This afternoon we committed his little body to the deep. Brother [John] Greenhow addressed us in a very impressive manner on the occasion, and was listened to by the whole on board with the most marked attention.

[Alexander Wright] 8th It was squally and a good many sick awhile [-]. Brother John Yets [Yates] died early this morning and was committed to a watery grave in the afternoon. Elder Greenhow officiated on the occasion and all the passengers and crew was present the scene was so calm. [-] 2 vessels in this morning.

October 9, 1842 (Sunday):

[Levi Richards] Sunday 9 Commences with fresh breezes & clear weather with heavy head sea. Last part strong breezes from the northeast & squally with rain storms ends. 100 [knots]. Latitude 27.43. Longitude 36.34.

[Alexander Wright] 9th Elder Greenhow preached this aft evening on the Book of Mormon. A strong breeze from northeast and some more sick. It being Sabbath but two met in the forepart to have meeting.

October 10, 1842 (Monday):

[Levi Richards] Monday 10 Commenced with strong breezes, squally with rain. Middle & last part, prosperous gales, & pleasant weather. 188 [knots]. Latitude 25.29. Longitude 39.04.

[Alexander Wright] 10th Fair wind all met in the evening Elder Greenhow preached.

October 11, 1842 (Tuesday):

[Levi Richards] Tuesday Oct. 11 Commenced with gentle breezes & pleasant weather. Middle & last part moderate gales & pleasant. So ends this 24 hours all drawing sails set. 108 [knots] Latitude 24.36. Longitude 40.48.

[Alexander Wright] 11th A fine day and Elder Richards preached in the afternoon.

October 12, 1842 (Wednesday):

[Levi Richards] Wednesday 12 All these 24 hours moderate gales & pleasant. Ends with all drawing sails set. 107 [knots]. Latitude 23.43. Longitude 42.36.

[Alexander Wright] 12th A fine day and Elder Greenhow spoke on the fulfillment of prophecies which caused some discussion to take place between him and Mr. Brunt a [-] in principle. The [-] got route and insisted that he would not trouble him any more.

October 13, 1842 (Thursday):

[Levi Richards] Thursday 13 All these 24 hours, light winds & pleasant weather. 90 [knots]. Latitude 22.10 Longitude 44.06.

[George Cannon] On Thursday, the 13th, a fine young sailor fell from the foreyard on deck. He was taken up insensible and died next morning and was committed to the deep the afternoon of the same day. His name was George Hill, belonging to the state of Maine, U. S.

During the whole of this time my dear Ann continues very and is still getting weaker. There is not a drop of wine or porter in the vessel, and she wishes very much for a little porter or ale. This day I learned for the first time that there was some porter on board, belonging to the cargo in the lower hold. The captain got some of it taken up to his cabin, and from that time I have got as much as I wanted for my wife. When she got the porter I was in hopes that she would retain strength until we got to land; but it was ordained other ways. We had performed the first half of our voyage in less than three weeks, but from that time it has been a series of calms with a light breeze, sometimes in our face. My heart used to die or sink within me along with the breeze. "Are we far from New Orleans that I may get some grapes and wine?" as my dear Ann’s constant inquiry when I came down off deck, as she is too weak to be taken on deck herself. I endeavored to speak words of comfort to her, while I had no prospect of her ever seeing the land of Joseph in this life. Dear Ann, the next wine thou shalt get will be pure in the Kingdom of Heaven! She talked of her death as of a sleep, told me not to lament her, that if she lived to reach the Mississippi she must be buried on land, if not, the great deep must receive her poor body that is shrunk to a mere skeleton.

I will not attempt to describe the nights in particular which I have passed while watching by the side of one of the best wives that ever man was blest with--to see the grim tyrant approaching slowly but steadily to his victim; yet with all her sufferings no complaint ever escaped her, but the words, "Dear George, what am I to do?" These words are never to be forgotten by me while I have memory. O God, how mysterious are thy ways! Teach me resignation to thy will!

[Alexander Wright] 13th Was a fine day and in the afternoon one of the sailors fell from the fore yard and never spoke again although he lived for ten hours.

October 14, 1842 (Friday):

[Levi Richards] Friday 14 All these 24 hours gentle breezes & clear weather. At 3 ½ p.m hiked ship & when in the act of setting the fore topmost sail the sail caught the boom iron on the fore yard. Called for a hand to go up and clean the sail. George H. Hill started up, he being the nearest & in trying to walk out on the yard, he fell to the deck. He never spoke after - lived 17 hours. Everything being done for his relief but all to no purpose. At the close of the day committed his remains to to [SIC] [the] deep. 101 [knots]. Latitude 22.47. Longitude 46.02.

[Alexander Wright] 14th We had a fair wind today and the flag was put half yard high and at ten the bell tolled and the corpse was [-] into a piece of canvas and a quantity of stones put to his feet. Elder Greenhow was called to officiate, as he did in the usual order and he was committed to his watery grave. The flag was then hoisted to the top of the spanker until 12 o'clock then it was taken down and the seamen then went to work as usual. Afterwards the passengers assembled and Elder Greenhow spoke on the resurrection and the privilege of those that had not the privilege of obeying it in this state of existence that all would have the privilege. There was some further discussion between Mr. Brunt and Elder Greenhow.

October 15, 1842 (Saturday):

[Levi Richards] Saturday 15 Commenced with gentle gales & pleasant weather. Middle & last part the same, these 24 thus ended. 113 [knots]. Latitude 22.49. Longitude 48.05.

[Alexander Wright] 15th A fine day and the wind fair. In the evening Elder G. D. Watt spoke and showed that the sects of the day could not help the state that they were now in. He also spoke on the gifts of the spirit and showed that there was many false spirits and showed that the Saints might be deceived by the false spirits and showed that we had not as yet got that power that the ancients that the authority that we had received did not authorize us (the elders) to go forth and say to the sick [-] and it shall all be so or to command the waves or the wind and now that it would be so or to the blind receive your sight that we had not that authority conferred on us as fore. [-] born and continued to blow through the night.

October 16, 1842 (Sunday):

[Levi Richards] Sunday Oct 16 Commenced with gentle breezes & clear weather ends the same with all drawing sail set. 130 [knots]. Latitude 23.06. Longitude 50.27.

[Alexander Wright] Oct. 16 this being Sabbath and a fine day we had 3 meetings on deck. In the forenoon Elder Watts spoke on the same subject as he did last night and made it more clear and in the afternoon Elder Pareson [Harrison] ended the meeting and gave it up to be occupied by the Saints when I and a number of others bore testimony and in the evening Elders Richards and Pareson [Harrison] spoke.

October 17, 1842 (Monday):

[Levi Richards] Monday 17 All these 24 hours gentle gales & pleasant weather. Ends the same with all drawing sail set. 106 [knots]. Latitude 23.18. Longitude 52.23.

[Alexander Wright] 17th Was a fine day and very warm and in the evening Elder Benson preached.


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