Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Canyon Treefrog

The canyon treefrog has a completely different distribution than the Pacific treefrog or California treefrog. It is found in all, but Western Arizona, in Southern Utah, Western New Mexico and mainland Mexico. It is brown, cream or olive-gray and and does not have an eyestripe. It may be blotched or spotted, but often has no pattern. It more closely resembles the California treefrog than the Pacific treefrog, but because their ranges do not overlap, identifying them is not a problem. All of the photos below were taken near Havasupai in Northern Arizona.

The voice is quite a bit different than the Pacific or California treefrogs. Here is a mating call. Here is a regular call.

The following photos are poor, particularly with the flash reflected in the glass. But they do give an example of the underside, webbing and toe pads of the canyon treefrog.

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