Sunday, August 2, 2009

Buffalo Ribs

Several months ago, while visiting Andrew in Westwood, we stopped by Whole Foods and found some buffalo ribs marinated with barbeque sauce. I had barbequed buffalo ribs twice last fall in Estes Park, Colorado, on a trip to climb Longs Peak. They were wonderful, so I couldn't pass these up. Below, the marinated but uncooked ribs.

We've also been into cooking peppers on the barbeque, so we purchased some red peppers as well.

The cooked ribs.

We took the outer skin off the red peppers and put goat cheese on a portion and potato salad on another portion. It was a nice complement to the buffalo ribs. Buffalo has a distinctive taste, which I like, and it is not as fatty as beef. The ribs were very good, but a little stringy.

We have recently tried some barbequed pork ribs where we boil the ribs for about an hour, in barbeque sauce, then put them on the grill for seven minutes on each side. Next time I have the opportunity, I'm going to try that with buffalo or beef ribs as well. I suspect it will make them more tender and even better than the way I've been doing it.

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