Monday, August 17, 2009

Pacific Treefrog

The Pacific Treefrog is a small frog (3/4 to 2 inches long) found along the coast from Baja California to lower British Columbia and inland into Nevada, Idaho and Montana. The most distinctive characteristic is a dark eyestripe. The color on the back can vary greatly, from plain green or tan to brown. Some have dark splotches and they often have a triangular dark spot on the head. The one below was found at Live Oak Canyon Tree Farm in Yucaipa and is more of a tan, green. It is photographed on a white wall to help it stand out.

This photo of the same frog gives a better view of the eyestripe.

And this photo gives a different view of the eyestripe and a good view of the toe pads.

This Pacific treefrog was photographed in July 2009 near Thousand Island Lake in the Ansel Adams Wilderness in the Sierras. It is also a tan/green, but has more splotches on the back.

This Pacific treefrog was photographed near San Simeon Creek and is a dark brown with more elongated splotches. It also has the triangular spot on its head.

This Pacific treefrog was also found near San Simeon Creek, but is not as dark and the splotches are less pronounced.

Despite their small size, these frogs can belt out a chorus that travels great distances. This croaking frog was photographed at Live Oak Canyon Tree Farm in a water trough.

The sounds of various Pacific treefrogs can be heard at this site. They vary quite amazingly.

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