Sunday, May 10, 2020

Black-Tailed Jackrabbit

In my recent string of visits to the Sonoran Desert I've been seeing lots of black-tailed jackrabbits. I've seen at least one on each visit, and sometimes I've seen four or five. Unfortunately, when I see them I've usually got a small lense on my camera because I'm photographing plants. They don't wait around for me to change lenses. They take off and a few seconds later they are long gone. 
Yesterday I put my 500 mm lense on my camera when I hit a flat area where it was likely I'd see one. I was rewarded with a photo. The rabbit had already run in alarm and I'd maneuvered around for a photo. Note it is at alert, front paws up in the air. 
Their ears are incredible. 

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  1. He looks like he jumped right out of a children's storybook!