Monday, March 13, 2023

White-Chinned Thrush

 The white-chinned thrush is endemic to Jamaica and also known there as the "hopping Dick." It is mostly a slaty gray with a pale belly. It has a bright orange bill and legs. The white chin, which gives it it's name, is difficult to see, but it does have a white slash on the wing which is usually visible. 
At Hotel Mockingbird Hill feeding on berries.

It feeds on insects, worms, snails, frogs, small mice, fledgling birds and lizards. Lizards are a substantial part of its diet. 
At Hotel Mockingbird Hill

It is widespread and common. 
At Rocklands Bird Sanctuary.

I saw one at Rocklands Bird Sanctuary outside of Montego Bay and several at Hotel Mockingbird Hill outside Port Antonio. 

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  1. Interesting that the bill is the very same color as those berries.