Saturday, March 18, 2023


I'd never heard of an ovenbird before looking at some bird lists of Jamaican birds. An ovenbird is in the warbler family that breeds in eastern North America and winters in Central America, the Caribbean, Florida and northern Venezuela. 
Ovenbird range - Wikipedia. Yellow is breeding and blue is wintering. 
It has olive-brown upperparts; white underparts heavily streaked with black; the flanks have an olive hue; there is a white ring around the eye; a black stripe runs below the cheek; orange feathers with olive-green tips run along the top of the head, bordered by blackish-brown and the feathers can be erected to form a small crest; the eyes and upper part of the pointed beak are dark, while the lower beak is horn colored; and the legs and feet are pinkish. 

I saw one ovenbird at Rocklands Bird Sanctuary outside of Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

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  1. I love this stylish bird with its big eyes and fancy stripes! Very unique and very handsome.