Thursday, March 16, 2023

Black-Faced Grassquit

The black-faced grassquit is a tanager and closely related to the Darwin finches which I saw last year in the Galapagos Islands (small ground finch, medium ground finch and small tree finch).  It is found in the West Indies, except Cuba and Trinidad, and along the northern coasts of Colombia and Venezuela. There are eight subspecies and those in Jamaica and Hispaniola are one of those (marchii). 

Males have a black head and breast with an olive green back. Males on the South America mainland have more extensive black underparts that shade to gray.  Females have a dull olive-gray upperparts and head and paler gray underparts that turn to white on the belly. Both have a short conical bill. 

I saw them at Rocklands Bird Sanctuary outside Montego Bay in Jamaica.

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  1. Do you know what the "quit" part of the name means?