Sunday, January 15, 2023

Lake Tamarisk - California

Lake Tamarisk is part of the unincorporated town of Desert Center, about one and three-quarters miles north of I-10 in the Colorado Desert, relatively near Corn Springs. It is 22 miles east of Chiriaco Summit, the nearest gas station, 52 miles east of Coachella and 52 miles west of Blythe, the closest California cities. It appears the town has about 100 to 200 residents. 

In an area amazingly free of water there is a fairly decent sized lake, or rather one larger and another considerably smaller lake separated by a road. I'm guessing maybe 10 acres, that is listed as an eBird hotspot with 304 species of birds seen. That is more than other more well known eBird hotspots, such as Big Morongo which has 251 species spotted. Judy and I stopped for just a short visit on February 20, 2022 after a visit to Corn Springs. Judy sat in the car while I walked around the smaller of the two small lakes.

Here are photos of the birds I saw and was able to photograph:
Black-crowned night heron. There were quite a few roosting in palm trees that I took photos of when they flew. 

Common coot

Double crested cormorant


Ring-necked duck

Ruddy duck, the best photos of a ruddy duck I've gotten with breeding plumage. 

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  1. I think I was protecting our vehicle from dive bombing ducks. Yeah, that was it.